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blog | 29.07.2022

External Venetian blinds are a modern solar protection system, which is installed on building’s elevation.  Their main advantage is appearance- thanks to their contemporary and stylish design. They perfectly compliment modern buildings, that feature large glazed surfaces.

venetian blinds
Controlling heat and light entering a dwelling influences the comfort of living there.

By using Venetian blinds, the amount of sunlight entering the building can be controlled. They also make it very easy to maintain the right temperature in both the summer and winter thanks to being outside in front of the glass. They provide excellent optical conditions, protecting against dazzling light and reflections. On top of all the benefits above, they also protect furniture and furnishings from fading.

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External Venetian blinds: intelligent external screening system

The control of external venetian blinds is very simple - we can raise, lower and rotate the angle of the slats to achieve the desired effect. By adjusting the slats, you might manage the amount of light and heat that enters the interior.

An additional advantage is a user-friendly weather auto control system. The set of weather sensors, will cause the shutter will react appropriately to weather conditions. The shutter will change the slats position depending on the intensity of the sun's rays or the strength of the wind. External Venetian blinds are a must have feature of a smart home and are getting increasingly populat in modern buildings. They will add a nice, contemporary touch to any house - and with the wide range of colours, shapes of the slats or the modern automatic control you can personalise the blinds to ensure a perfect fit.

Check out the range of external venetian shutters at Aikon Distribution:

External venetian blinds

External roller shutters - is it a solution for large glazed areas?

External shutters are a versatile solution that will work in a variety of architectural styles. They look good in classic detached houses as well as in multi-family buildings.

Please see our guide to external roller shutters:

What roller shutter to choose for your home? Guide of roller shutters.

External roller shutters have many advantages which make them the most frequently chosen form of window protection. In addition to protection from the sun or the cool weather, external roller shutters also provide acoustic protection. In fact, external roller shutters can reduce the noise level by an average of 10 dB.

It is a good idea to think about the installation of external roller shutters already at the stage of house construction. This allows the roller shutter boxes or guides to be masked by façade elements.

Integrated Roller Shutters

At-Window-Head Mounted Roller Shutters

What if my home is already built - there is nothing to worry about. At Aikon Distribution you'll also find exterior roller shutters that can be fitted to existing buildings without the need for renovation.

Take a look at the surface mounted roller shutters on offer at Aikon Distribution:

Surface Mounted Roller Shutters

Is a roller shutter appropriate for large glazing? Surely, yes. However, before ordering and installing them, there are a few aspects to consider: the type of roller shutter, what kind of frame is in the windows it will be installed on. And above all, it is crucial to take into account the technical specifications and possibilities of the roller shutter of a given manufacturer. Two main parameters to be considered - the maximum width of the roller shutter and the maximum surface area of the roller shutter - determine the installation options of the roller shutter for the given profile.

Protection against overheating

The purpose of large glazings is to connect the interior with the outside in order to bring lightness and freshness into the house. Regrettably, in summer, rooms are prone to overheating - especially those with XXL glazing and those on the south side of buildings. Controlling the heat and light entering the home affects living comfort. A correctly selected window blind should help to regulate the flow of daylight into rooms and have an impact on the temperature inside the building. And when the heat is oppressive, external accessories that stop the sun's rays from shining through the glass are the best choice.

Which blind is the best solution to your home, then? Your decision will certainly be supported by our salesman, who will prepare a proposal for you.


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