Somfy: smart home solutions and home automation systems

Somfy: smart home solutions and home automation systems

blog | 02.11.2022

A smart home is such a house that adapts to the rhythm of its residents' lives. You can make it according to your tastes or needs. A reliable tool for this is the highly secure and intelligent io-homecontrol technology developed by Somfy. It allows you to connect your devices into one comprehensive ecosystem that you can control anytime from anywhere on Earth. How is this possible? We will explain in the article.

Smart home solutions

By installing automatic roller shutters, blinds or garage doors, you can make your life more convenient. And you can manage all these products from a single app installed on your phone, tablet or computer.

Smart roller shutters

Installing electrically operated roller shutters is a step towards a more comfortable life. Roller shutters provide an extra layer of insulation, make it harder for a thief to break in, provide great protection from the sun and can completely darken a bedroom. By connecting them to a smart home management system, you get rid of unnecessary chores. One touch or a voice command is all it takes to close all the roller shutters when you leave the house or to open them again when you return. The chore of opening and closing each roller shutter separately with a crank or tape is a thing of the past.

You can program the roller shutters with an electric drive so that they react to the ambient conditions. For example: in summer, when the temperature exceeds 25°C, the roller shutters close automatically to shade and cool the flat. In winter, the sun's rays are an additional source of heat - the roller shutters open to let the heat in and close when the sun goes down. All to keep the heat inside the room for as long as possible.

Discover Somfy's solutions for external roller shutters:

Somfy roller shutters

You may be interested in the article below:

What roller shutter to choose for your home? Guide of roller shutters.

External Venetian Blinds

The external venetian blind is a modern type of external shading. Thanks to its lightweight construction, it is used on very large glazings, such as glazed facades, large-size windows or patio doors. It is successfully used in public buildings, private flats or apartment buildings.

External venetian blinds have the ability to automatically adjust the angle of the slats to let in the desired amount of light. Connected to weather sensors, they provide maximum comfort all year round. This innovation is featured in the external venetian blinds offered by Aikon Distribution.

Watch the video and learn how they work:

External blinds are an intelligent solution increasingly used in modern construction. The wide range of colours, the available shapes of the slats and the automatic control system make it possible to design an interesting and modern façade.

Check out the range of external venetian blinds at Aikon Distribution:

External venetian blinds

Smart garage door

Instead of parking in the driveway and getting out of your car to open the gate, you can activate the gate with a remote control and it will open in just a few seconds. The gate opens and closes automatically after you drive through it. If someone tries to open it using force, the drive will start to put up resistance. Smooth operation extends the operational life of your gate.

Are you away from home and a courier with a parcel is due to arrive? Thanks to automatic control from your phone, you can open the door with your smartphone while the courier is at the door. Your parcels will be waiting for you when you return, and you can use the external camera to check that everything is in order.

These are just the basic event scenarios that home automation in the garage door space streamlines. Convinced?

Explore garage door control automation at Aikon Distribution:

Automatic garage doors

Home automation

Home automation, smart home, smart flat what is the difference? A smart home is actually a collection of popular and well-known devices, connected into one integrated system. The final number of connected systems and their range of functions is up to you. The choice is considerable and you can choose from individual devices (for example: camera, wireless sensor, door or window sensor, LED bulb with wi-fi) as well as ready-made kits (consisting of several cameras and a control station or a camera, motion sensor and Smart Plug adapter).

Do you want the best Smart-Home solutions for your home? Get in touch with our sales team.


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