Patio doors or sliding doors

Patio doors or sliding doors?

blog | 08.04.2024

Patio doors allow you to get out into the fresh air, bring light into rooms and are a real highlight of the interior. They are usually located in the living room, i.e. at the heart of every home. They perform many functions and should therefore be of the highest quality. What to choose? Sliding patio doors or tilt and turn patio doors?

Patio doors - sliding, tilt or folding?

Division of patio doors according to their mode of opening

  • Turn-Only or Tilt&Turn patio doors - this type of patio door allows the sash to be opened towards the wall or left in the tilted position. Depending on the size of the Patio doors, we can choose single or double leaf models. These are a popular and economical option. Their only disadvantage is that the sash, when opened, takes up a lot of space in the room.
  • Sliding doors - the unquestionable advantage of sliding doors is that they do not take up any space when opened. This is because you can simply slide them open to enjoy free access to the balcony. However, this is usually a slightly more expensive option than swinging patio doors.

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  • Folding doors - this is a very modern, unconventional solution, however, quite expensive. The door leaves fold into an accordion sliding to the side. When opened, they take up very little space.

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Single or double patio doors?

When deciding on swinging or tilt-and-turn patio doors, we need to consider whether they will be single-leaf or double-leaf. This choice depends primarily on the dimensions that the balcony exit has.

For balcony entrances up to 100 cm wide, single-leaf doors are installed. When the width of the entrance exceeds this dimension - double-leaf doors are needed. Importantly, single-leaf swing doors may be up to 120 cm wide, but swing doors are usually up to 90 cm wide.

In the case of double-leaf doors, it is best to choose a version in which at least one leaf is tilt-and-turn. Such a solution enables comfortable and safe ventilation of the flat.

patio doors or sliding doors
Single-leaf patio doors

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors are a very elegant, functional and modern solution. When opened, they do not take up any space in the room, they can be used to create really large glazed areas and allow for free arrangement inside the house. They are perfect for modern single-family homes, as well as exclusive flats and hotels. Despite the often large, panoramic glazing, sliding patio doors provide exceptional durability and strength, as well as the highest degree of security.

sliding doors vs patio doors
Sliding patio doors

What shall I consider when choosing patio doors?

When choosing patio doors, we must be guided by their functionality, technical parameters and the needs of the users. Below we suggest what features and factors to pay attention to.

  • Size of glazing - for large, even panoramic glazing, it is better to choose sliding doors. They look better, are safer and more practical to use. They are easier to operate. In addition, sliding doors are equipped with mechanisms making them easier to open and close, which is worth considering for the smallest members of the household and the elderly.
  • Technical parameters - one of the most important parameters of patio doors is the heat transfer coefficient Uf, which informs how much heat energy passes through the door - the lower the value, the better. Another important parameter is the sound insulation index, expressed in decibels (dB). The higher its value, the less sound penetrates into the room.
  • Material - the type of material used for patio doors and the way they are finished not only affects the appearance of our living room (or other room where the patio door is located), but also the façade of the building. There are timber patio doors, aluminium patio doors and those made of plastic - PVC - available on the market. In each case, it is also worth considering the colour of the frame so that it blends nicely inside and outside the building.
  • Threshold type - a low threshold is best for patio doors to minimise the possibility of tripping and falling, which is particularly important for children and the elderly or disabled.

Patio doors or sliding doors - what should you choose?

Both tilt and turn patio doors and sliding patio doors have many advantages. They also have their supporters and opponents. The choice therefore depends on individual preferences, habits and tastes.

However, it is important that patio doors are durable, provide security and come from an experienced and reputable supplier.

Aikon Distribution is a window and door distributor that has been present on the market for 15 years. It supplies top quality joinery from well-known and respected Polish manufacturers. So if you're looking for patio doors, windows or entrance doors, you couldn't have come to a better place.

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