Importing windows from Poland to the US

Importing windows from Poland to the US - what do you need to know?

blog | 14.07.2023

International trade offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs in various industries. One of the popular products that are imported from Poland to the US are windows. Poland is known for its high-quality window production, which is a popular choice for both domestic consumers and foreign buyers. If you are interested in importing windows from Poland to the U.S., there is some important information you should know before you begin the process.

Importing windows from Poland to the US

Quality and certifications

Polish windows have a reputation on the global market for their high quality. Before importing, however, you should make sure that the supplier is certified and meets US quality standards. You may need to obtain certifications such as ENERGY STAR or others that confirm compliance with U.S. standards.

In addition, Polish windows often also have other quality certifications, such as EN ISO 9001, which confirm the use of a quality management system in the production process. An important certificate is also a quality certificate for window seals, such as Veka-Quality, which accounts for the durability and effectiveness of the seals that provide adequate thermal and acoustic insulation.

The quality of Polish windows is also confirmed by numerous awards and prizes won at various fairs and competitions. The Polish window industry, thanks to its innovation, attention to detail and high level of workmanship, is gaining recognition both at home and abroad.

It is worth paying attention to Polish windows, which confirm the high quality of workmanship with their quality, certificates and recognition on the market. Choosing Polish window joinery means investing in durable and solid solutions that will contribute to comfort, energy savings and security in our homes and offices.

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Customs and tax rules

Before importing windows from Poland to the US, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the applicable customs and tax rules. Goods entering may be subject to different rates of duties, taxes and fees, which should be factored into the cost of importation. To ensure smooth importation of goods from Poland to the US, it is worth consulting with professionals specializing in international trade. They can provide you with detailed information on customs and tax rules and help you correctly carry out the import process. Just such specialists work at Aikon Distribution.

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Importing windows from Poland to the US - Transportation and logistics

What does it look like at Aikon Distribution?

Importing windows from Poland to the US involves organizing transportation between the two countries. This is what our logistics specialists do instead of you - many years of experience allow us to serve our customers comprehensively also in terms of transportation. What does our logistics department do? It is important to find the right logistics partner to handle the transportation of goods in an efficient and compliant manner. Delivery time and possible customs formalities at the border must also be taken into account.

The logistics of transporting goods from Poland to the US is an extremely important and complicated process that requires careful planning and coordination. Due to the considerable distance between the two countries, it is necessary to use different means of transportation and comply with numerous formalities.

The first logistical step is to choose the optimal transportation route. When transporting goods from Poland to the US, the most common means of transportation are sea containers and airplanes. Sea transport is more time-consuming, but usually economically more viable for larger volumes of goods. For urgent shipments, aviation provides faster delivery, but is usually more expensive. At Aikon Distribution, sea transportation is a proven method.

Another important aspect is to tailor the goods to international requirements. Make sure products are properly packed and secured to survive the long journey. It is also necessary to comply with all customs requirements, such as filling out the appropriate documents, customs declarations and formalities for exporting and importing goods.

See what the quality control and packaging process looks like at Aikon Distribution's warehouse:

An important part of international logistics is also to work with logistics companies and freight forwarders to arrange transportation. A good logistics company will help organize all the necessary paperwork, select the appropriate means of transportation and track the shipment at every stage of the journey.

In addition, international logistics also requires consideration of factors such as goods safety regulations, weight and size restrictions on individual shipments, as well as close cooperation with various entities such as shipping lines, airlines, road carriers and customs agencies.

The logistics of transporting goods from Poland to the US is therefore a complex process that requires the involvement of many parties and the fulfillment of numerous requirements. Proper planning, organization and cooperation with professional logistics companies are key to the efficient and effective transportation of goods over such a distance.

Language and communication

Communication between the importer and the Polish window supplier is crucial to the success of the transaction. It's worth making sure that both parties can communicate freely in the language of their choice to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. If necessary, a translator or foreign trade specialist can be used. One of the strengths of Aikon Distribution is precisely the freedom of communication. Our consultants speak the language freely to ensure that communication at every stage of the project does not disappoint you as our customer.

Importing windows from Poland to the US can be an attractive business option for those interested in international trade. Polish windows have a good reputation, and the high quality of the product attracts many buyers. However, before starting the process, it is advisable to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the requirements, regulations and customs and tax procedures in the US. An informed and well-prepared decision will contribute to a successful import and the satisfaction of both customers and importers.

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