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Choosing windows for our home is a key decision - after all, they will serve us for many years. Both aesthetic and functional considerations count. The colour and material of the joinery will affect the whole appearance and functionality of our house. Properly selected windows must meet many requirements, led by tightness, good thermal and acoustic insulation and resistance to weathering. Although the stage of admiration for PVC windows is over, partly due to the fact that joinery made of other, modern materials has found its place on the market, they are still among the most frequently chosen ones. Why are PVC windows still so popular? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Let's find out.

PVC windows

Advantages of a uPVC window

UPVC windows have many advantages that homeowners have appreciated for several decades. They are undoubtedly the first choice of those for whom financial considerations are paramount. PVC windows are inexpensive and their maintenance is not a major problem. They are also durable - even heavy rainfall or snowfall, strong winds and sunlight do not harm them. The latter aspect is particularly important - in the case of badly impregnated wooden windows, exposure to the sun may cause the wood to warp. With a PVC window there is no danger of this - it will retain its size even if exposed to strong sunlight.

Which uPVC windows to buy?

The issues of thermal insulation and soundproofing should also determine which PVC windows to buy. In this subject, plastic windows will not disappoint us.

Good thermal insulation

PVC windows are distinguished by their good thermal performance. This is important information - after all, up to 40% of heat can escape to the outside world through windows. This is why you should pay attention to the Uw heat transfer coefficient. It is best if it is lower than the standard 1.1 W/(m2-K) - this will ensure additional thermal insulation. Passive windows with triple glazing, for example, have such parameters - according to European standards, their Uw coefficient is equal to or lower than 0.8 W/(m2-K).

Sound insulation of UPVC windows

Sound insulation is one of the most important functionalities not only of UPVC windows, but of windows in general. It's hard to even imagine that we could hear all the noise from outside in our home. The fact that this is not the case is due to the acoustic performance. Standard PVC windows with a double-glazing package have an Rw of approximately 30 db, but there are also windows on the market that insulate us from noise at a level of almost 50 db. Whatever sound protection we need, PVC windows will undoubtedly meet our needs and expectations.

PVC windows from Poland

For years, Poland has been among the world's leading exporters of window joinery. PVC windows from Poland are distinguished by the highest quality and excellent thermal and acoustic parameters. They are appreciated, among other things, for their practicality, as plastic, as a material for their production, does not require complicated maintenance, and at the same time is very durable. This translates into a long service life for uPVC windows.

PVC windows from Poland also give the building an individual character. In the past, only white windows were dominant, but that has changed too. The wide range of colours and the availability of smooth and woodgrain veneers means that more and more people are opting for these solutions.

uPVC windows online

Buying uPVC windows online is now the standard chosen by builders all over the world. Above all, it gives us the opportunity to get to know the market offer in detail and choose the best solution. Its undoubted advantage is that in one place, without leaving home, in addition to PVC windows, we can order all the elements needed to finish the investment: roller shutters, blinds, doors, garage doors or fences. At Aikon Distribution, we make bespoke uPVC windows according to the guidelines provided by the customer.

PVC windows supplier

At Aikon Distribution, we meet even the most sophisticated needs of our customers. We give you the opportunity to specify dimensions, colours, sash layout, number of quarters and additional profiles. We undertake non-standard and unique orders, tailored to the needs of the consumer. Importantly, the option to customise your order is available even with the purchase of a single PVC window.

PVC windows are a good choice for both less and more demanding customers. Plastic is a material that offers the possibility of personalisation and adjusting the appearance and parameters of uPVC joinery to one's needs. At the same time, as there is such a wide range available on the market, even if we have to make some compromises, we can find good quality uPVC windows at a reasonable price.

For information on the cost of the perfect uPVC windows for your home, contact our sales team.