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How to clean aluminium doors and windows?

blog | 04.03.2022

Aluminium is a durable building material that can last for many years without the need for significant repairs. For this to be the case, simple maintenance and care methods should be applied to aluminium doors and windows to ensure they function properly. So find out how to clean aluminium doors and windows.

Aluminium windows and doors - how to clean them?

Over time, windows and doors naturally become dirty from airborne dust, car exhaust, passing birds and insects. Keeping them clean is essential. Here are some tips to keep your aluminium doors and windows looking great!

how to clean aluminium doors

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When to clean windows?

If you want streak-free glass, it's worth remembering that windows should be cleaned in the right weather and at the right time of day. It turns out that the best moment for window cleaning is not a hot, sunny day. Why? When the sun's rays fall on the panes during cleaning, water evaporates faster, leaving unsightly drip marks, streaks and smudges.
You should also not clean your windows when the weather outside is freezing. In this case, water molecules on the glass can freeze, making cleaning difficult and further scratching the surface of the glass. So when are the chances of getting streak-free windows best? On a cloudy but rainy day or when the sun is shining but its rays do not fall directly on the window pane.

How often should aluminium doors and windows be cleaned?

There are no strict rules on how to clean aluminium doors and windows. However, as a guide, we suggest cleaning the glass once a month and the aluminium frames every 2-3 months. This will allow you to keep them clean.

Cleaning glass in aluminium windows

When cleaning the glass on aluminium windows, the focus should be on minimising streaks, ensuring the glass dries evenly and cleaning the glass both inside and out.

Cleaning glass step by step

Before you start cleaning the windows, remember to pull down or move the blinds and sweep up any cobwebs. Window cleaning itself is not complicated. It is enough to wipe the windows with a sponge or wet cloth and window cleaning fluid, and then squeegee from top to bottom to remove the foam. When the window is dry, all that remains is to wipe the window sill. Of course, you should repeat this process on the other side of the window.

When cleaning windows and doors it is important to choose the right tools for cleaning glass panes. Satisfactory results, i.e. streak-free windows with high gloss, may be obtained by using the currently popular microfibre cloths, also called magic cloths or microfibre for windows. These are soft pieces of polyester fabric with very thin fibres that easily "collect" dirt from the cleaned surface and are also characterised by very high water absorption.

Equipment you will need:

Cleaning aluminium window frames - step by step

Contrary to appearances, aluminium window frames require special care from us. Firstly, because they do not like acidic cleaners or those containing solvents. You should also not use abrasive materials for cleaning, as they can seriously damage profiles. Secondly, mainly due to contaminants such as exhaust fumes, aluminium windows can get corroded. You should therefore remove dust and dirt from them quite frequently.
This does not mean, however, that cleaning aluminium window frames is particularly difficult - quite the contrary. It is best to wash aluminium window frames with a soft cloth, which should be moistened with water and washing-up liquid only, and then wiped with a dry cloth. If the aluminium window frames are extremely dirty, they can be washed with special detergents designed for aluminium profiles.

In conclusion, as with glass, harsh cleaners should be avoided when cleaning aluminium window frames. Regular cleaning will ensure that your aluminium window frames maintain their high standards, so there is no point in using deep cleaning products. However, you need to remember to clean in hard to reach areas or parts that are hidden when the window is closed. The build-up of dirt in these areas can cause problems with the window's drainage.

Cleaning of aluminium doors

Thanks to its natural anti-corrosion coating, doors made of aluminium are very well protected against harmful environmental influences.

The frequency of cleaning aluminium doors is therefore largely dependent on their location. In an environment where continuous harmful factors are present, i.e. car exhaust fumes, pollution in industrial areas or moisture, aluminium doors will require more frequent care and maintenance - typically four times a year. How often care and maintenance should be carried out also depends on how the door is used. They need to be cleaned much more often in commercial buildings, less often in single-family homes.

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how to clean aluminium windows
Picture of an aluminium door

Fittings and moving parts for aluminium doors

If you want aluminium doors to function properly, you also need to take care of their hardware and moving parts. For them to work properly, remember to lubricate them regularly. The best products are those with lubricating properties, but which do not contain acids in their composition, e.g. Teflon adhesion grease. In addition, for aluminium doors to operate correctly, the stability of the hardware mounting should be checked and bolts should be inspected as loose or faulty bolts may damage the door.

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Despite the increased durability that aluminium doors and windows have, they need to be maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure that they look as good for many years as the day they were installed.

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