5 ways to bright interiors - large windows and doors

5 ways to bright interiors - large windows and doors

blog | 27.06.2024

Interiors full of light, space and modern design are the dream of many people. One of the key elements that can help achieve this effect are large windows and patio doors.

Here are five ways to use large-format glazing to create bright and airy interiors.

1. Large window glazing

Large-format patio doors, such as HST lift-and-slide doors from Aikon Distribution, allow interiors to open up to the garden or terrace. They let in natural light and optically enlarge the space. With the option of a low door threshold, passing through becomes easier and safer, which is important in homes with children and the elderly.

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Large patio windows brighten up interiors, provide easy access to nature and modern building technologies guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. With an elegant design and a wide range of colours and finishes, sliding windows blend into the style of any home, adding lightness and modernity.

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2. Corner windows: Natural light, more space

Corner windows add beauty and character to an interior. They are often seen as a modern and elegant solution that not only fulfils its lighting function, but also provides a decorative element. They also allow you to enjoy a view of the outside from two different perspectives, which can be an added bonus for beautiful landscapes or city skylines.
By using corner windows, you can create the impression of more space in the room. Combining views from two different directions makes the interior feel more open and spacious. This is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms, where every extra centimetre can make a difference.

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3. Open interiors

One way to make the most of natural light is with an open interior plan. By combining the kitchen, living room and dining room into one space, you can minimise the number of walls that block light. Large windows and patio doors work well with open spaces, allowing light to penetrate all corners of the interior.

4.Integration with the outdoors: terraces and patios

Large windows and patio doors not only let natural light into the interior, but also allow a seamless transition between the house and the surrounding environment. Terraces and patios, accessible through large-format glazing, become a natural extension of the living space, an ideal place for outdoor relaxation or socialising. Designing the terrace in harmony with the interior emphasises modern design and ensures functionality and beauty at every stage of use.

Sliding patio doors, projects done by Aikon Distribution

5. Large-format window glazing without curtains and drapes

Doing away with curtains and drapes is an excellent way to maximise daylight. Large-format window glazing without curtains and drapes lets even more natural light into the interior, creating an open-space effect. Large-format windows also create a harmonious relationship between interior and exterior, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving your home.

The use of roller shutters

External roller shutters are a practical solution worth considering for large windows and patio doors. They protect the interior from excessive sunlight, ensure privacy and provide additional thermal insulation, which is important both in summer and winter. Modern external roller shutters can be controlled automatically, which increases their comfort. Control systems for external roller shutters offer a variety of possibilities - from classic switches to modern solutions such as remote control, smartphone apps or integration with intelligent home systems. This allows you to conveniently manage your roller shutters from anywhere, adjusting the amount of light entering the interior to suit your needs..

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