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Roller garage doors

Your own bodyguard for special tasks, a door perfectly tailored to your needs. Designed using the latest technology, it is durable, damage resistant and aesthetically pleasing.

It takes up a minimum of space under the ceiling, which means that you save space that you can use in any way you like. 

With a roller garage door, you can be sure that the things that are most important to you will be taken care of with exceptional care.

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Aikon Distribution. One of the largest exporters and distributors of windows and doors in Europe.

Who we are?

We are a group of highly experienced professionals and talented specialists in our field.

Our passion and dedication to our work enables us to provide our customers with excellent quality products and superior service in the language of your choosing.

On a personal level, we are a close-knit group of people who have a great deal of affection for each other, who enjoy spending time together and who are very comfortable in each other's company.

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aikon distribution

Our product range

We have the widest range of PVC windows, aluminium and timber windows, external roller shutters, venetian blinds, front doors and garage doors on the market. 

Our clients are able to complete any order, even the most complex, at one place.

By contacting their account manager, the client will complete their entire order without having to order products from different suppliers.

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aikon distribution windows and doors

Our goal

Our mission is to provide clients from around the world with access to a wide range of windows and doors products from Polish manufacturers. We strive to be the best through expert knowledge, careful selection of manufacturers and fast and safe product shipping.

We help our clients grow their businesses and gain a competitive edge in their local markets.

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Our Projects

Aikon Distribution has been supplying Polish windows and doors to private homes and public buildings for almost 15 years.

We are already a trusted supplier to hundreds of companies in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and many other countries in Europe and around the world.

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aikon distribution
Triangular and trapezoidal windows

Triangular and trapezoidal windows

blog | 18.09.2023

Triangular and trapezoidal windows are a very striking feature of modern houses. The form of trapezoid and triangular windows makes it possible to use them on the entire gable wall of the...

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How to buy windows and doors online?

How to buy windows and doors online?

news | 05.09.2023

Buying windows and doors online is a great alternative to the standard - on-site - method of purchasing window and door joinery . When buying online, we have the possibility to compare many...

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Guide to architectural styles - what window for loft interiors?

Guide to architectural styles - what window for...

blog | 14.08.2023

Loft interiors, with their distinctive industrial design features, are becoming increasingly popular these days. Raw, open spaces, large windows, a ceiling with visible beams - these are just...

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SUPER OFFER - 1-sided overlay panel on uPVC entrance door

SUPER OFFER - 1-sided overlay panel on uPVC...

news | 14.08.2023

Do you need an elegant and secure entrance door? We offer uPVC doors with an overlay panel on one side. uPVC door panels uPVC door panels are made from the highest quality...

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Let's be ECO. Choose energy-efficient windows

Let's be ECO. Choose energy-efficient windows

blog | 03.08.2023

Energy-efficient windows eliminate heat loss, generate savings and guarantee comfort on winter days . How do they work, what do they consist of and how do they differ from traditional windows?...

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New colors, new possibilities - matt finishes for External Venetian Blinds

New colors, new possibilities - matt finishes...

news | 27.07.2023

As of July, Aikon Distribution is introducing three new unique colors for its external Venetian blinds with a matt finish that are sure to attract the attention of customers. These new shades...

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An arched timber window or a uPVC window?

An arched timber window or a uPVC window?

blog | 01.08.2023

Arched windows are distinguished by their peculiar shape and undoubtedly have their own unique charm. They are more labour-intensive to make than traditional rectangular windows and quite...

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Summer at Aikon Distribution - Interesting facts from our magazine

Summer at Aikon Distribution - Interesting...

news | 20.07.2023

It is high summer. However, we are not slowing down and, despite the holiday time and heat, we provide our customers with unique and exceptional joinery tailored to their needs. As a...

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Importing windows from Poland to the US - what do you need to know?

Importing windows from Poland to the US - what...

blog | 14.07.2023

International trade offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs in various industries. One of the popular products that are imported from Poland to the US are windows. Poland is known for its...

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The novelty - the Salamander GreenEvolution Flex system

The novelty - the Salamander GreenEvolution...

news | 17.07.2023

Salamander GreenEvolution Flex is new to the Aikon Distribution offer. It is also the latest development in the production of PVC systems. Thanks to its energy-saving and ecological...

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Special thanks to Mrs Agnieszka Walczuk. First and foremost, I would like to emphasise her professionalism, personal commitment and kindness.

U. Grümer | 10.12.2022

Responsibility, Punctuality, Cordiality and Availability are the key words describing Aikon Distribution.

CAPTECH | 25.11.2022

Good quality products, customer service before and after ordering- super. I highly recommend AIKON DISTRIBUTION as a serious company also for the quality/price ratio of their products.

Marcel Jan | 05.11.2022

I can safely say, their windows and doors are of excellent quality with a service that can not be any better.

Adam O’Donoghue | 27.10.2022

Serious company and quality products. Excellent delivery times. Praise for the professionalism of Ms Maja, always available and attentive.

Diego Pettovello | 11.01.2023

A serious and professional company. The quality is great and the prices simply unbeatable. Another big thank you to Peter who oversaw our order. We appreciated Peter's commitment and availability!!!

Valériane Buisson | 17.02.2022

A reliable company. Very good contact, competitive prices, short lead times. Any problems are resolved without ado, with attention paid to all details. RECOMMENDED.

Mariusz Kościelny | 18.11.2020

My two orders for windows and doors have met my expectations. The sales representatives are very friendly and professional. Very fast and well-made delivery. I will not hesitate to recommend them.

Bernard Codoul | 02.11.2020

I purchased roller shutters from Aikon for my home in Ireland the sales person Piotr Goldyn quoted me good price and had them delivered to Ireland on time. I would highly recommend this company.

Paul Dunne | 22.10.2020

A strong and reliable partner in PVC windows and doors.

Bavo De Roose | 23.10.2020
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We understand and meet the needs of our customers across Europe as a window and door joinery company. We understand the importance of feeling safe and secure in your home, which is why our range includes windows and doors that provide that security.

Our customers can choose from windows with anti-burglary fittings, safety glazing or anti-burglary glazing and a handle with an opening block. The doors in our range can be fitted with deadbolts, anti-burglar bolts or special burglar-resistant inserts.

Smart Home, the intelligent joinery control system, complements our safe products.

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