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Schüco LivIngSlide

The innovative lift and slide system combines maximum processing and installation efficiency with the highest demands in design and comfort. It has a significantly reduced number of components, so the installation effort is much smaller. Compared to the previous version (ThermoSlide), the advantage is its installation depth - reduced from 219 mm to 194 mm. This makes it possible to fit an top-mounted shutter without any problems.


The new lift and slide system uses a thermally insulated  threshold and thermally insulated aluminium reinforcing profiles in the jamb frame. This enables LivIngSlide to achieve Uw= 0.8 and is the answer to today's requirements for highly energy-efficient construction. Heat sealed EPDM glazing seals, factory inserted into the leaf profiles, guarantee optimal tightness. In addition, a peripheral seal on several levels between the sash and the jamb frame prevents condensation and draughts.


The flush design eliminates the typical set-off of the fixed part, while providing a modern look and easy cleaning. The low threshold also ensures comfortable entry and exit. In addition, the narrow central contact area of the profiles ensures maximum light into the interior, while the wide colour range allows great flexibility in surface design.


Schüco LivIngSlide also offers a number of design benefits, including: reinforcement of the leaf with a closed rectangular steel section, which significantly increases the stability of the structure and allows large elements with leaf weights of up to 400 kg to be made. On the other hand, the use of 4 leaves in one exceptionally narrow frame will result in a striking and impressive panoramic glass wall.


Like most of the products in the Aikon Distribution range, the LivIng Slide door can be customised to suit individual customer needs. We allow you to specify the dimensions, colours, number and layout of the leaves and additional profiles. We can undertake even the most unusual orders.

Installation depth  194 mm
Number of chambers 7-chamber door frame and 4-chamber leaf frame profiles
Heat transfer coefficient  Uf>=1,3 W/m2*K
Profile class  B
Weather stripping  EPDM
Available pane fixations thicknesses  24 mm - 52 mm
Standard glazing  4/16/4 
Standard handle  door handle internally, cup pull handle externally
Steel thickness  2,5 mm
Dyed profile core for 2s colors anthracite grey/caramel/white
Warranty  5 - 11 year 
Certificates  Passport "Schüco"
Order processing time  from 10 - 18 weeks

Additional parameters

Additional profiles and accessories
Ornamental window panes
Windows with roller shutters

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