Exterior, integrated roller shutters Exte Expert XT
Exterior, integrated roller shutters Exte Expert XT
Exterior, integrated roller shutters Exte Expert XT
Exterior, integrated roller shutters Exte Expert XT

Integrated roller shutters Expert XT

Exterior, integrated roller shutters Expert XT

Exterior roller shutters Expert XT are a convenient solution, applied in already commissioned buildings and those in construction. Maintenance of the roller shutters is from the inside of the apartment.  Expert XT model introduces possibility of choice between the bottom and the front inspection cover.

Custom sized roller shutters

Roller shutters in Expert XT system are adjusted to various window sizes. Depending on chosen model, final size goes up to 8 m2.

The roller shutter can be easy assembled

A possibility of combining the window with the roller shutter, makes the work easier for the fitter. We offer a set consisting of the roller shutter and a white multipurpose PVC adapter.

Exterior roller shutters with insect screen

Integrated roller shutters Expert XT system makes it possible to combine a roller shutter with an insect screen. Grey-colored screen places itself on the external side of the curtain. The kit includes a double roller shutter and a screen guide along with the brushes. The ending slat of an insect screen has a brush seal. After rolling up the screen, it is hidden completely inside of the roller shutter box.

Producer of roller shutters – Exte

German company EXTE - Extrudertechnik GmbH delivers innovative solutions concerning window equipment and roller shutters boxes. The company has continuously been on the market since 1959.  Its assets are connected with the construction and development departments of considerable size, high-tech machinery and competitive prices.

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Roller shutter type integrated
Inspection cover front or bottom of the box
Box Straight shape 90°, pvc
Box: width x height (mm) 220x165, 220x185
Box with insect screen: width x height (mm) 220x165, 220x185
Curtain Alukon, Aluprof
Guide pvc, alu
Insect screen optional: interior curtain side
Due date from 2 weeks
Curtain coloring Alukon, Aluprof colors
Box and guides coloring EXTE, RAL colors (for alu guides)
Maximum  depth of window’s frame 92 mm
Certificate CE

Roller shutter curtains

Alukon, Aluprof curtains

Control systems

Roller shutters with manual control system: mini belt roller, white or brown, is available as a standard.

Electric Roller Shutters

Somfy IO Electric Roller Shutters


Roller shutters Expert XT

Roller shutters Expert XT with insectscreen

Installation manual for EXTE roller shutters

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