Salamander Sliding doors



The HST Salamander system with frame installation depth of 172 mm and leaf depth of 76 mm can be used to construct doors with a height up to 2.5 m and a width up to 6 m.

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Salamander Sliding doors

Sliding doors not only offer the highest level of comfort and optimum security, but also a stylish appearance, plenty of space and light. Sliding systems meet the high requirements of thermal insulation, provide the possibility of large glazing, while at the same time providing comfort and protection against heat loss. In addition, the simple way of opening and the slimline design guarantee customer satisfaction.

Salamander sliding doors

The design of Salamander sliding doors is distinguished by a very high degree of flexibility. The innovative design combined with the modern style of the construction help to create a cosy room ambiance and adapt to any individual architectural style.

Salamander sliding doors at Aikon Distribution


Salamander HST evolutionDrive doors are large glazed windows that bring rooms to life. A lot of light enters the interior, making the room feel luminous. The construction of the door is designed to provide optimum stability, allow the use of large glazing sizes and offer a choice of several operation patterns. Such lift-and-slide doors are an innovative solution for offices or industrial buildings, but also for modern residential buildings.

Salamander sliding doors move on aluminium tracks and the design of the carriages means that the powerful sashes (max. sash weight 400 kg) can be opened and closed with very little force.

In addition to their high functionality, Salamander lift-and-slide doors are also distinguished by an innovative burglar resistance solution up to resistance class RC2.

Salamander large sliding doors

Salamander sliding doors with large surfaces are a modern trend nowadays. They make it possible to enlarge and illuminate the living space, linking it to the outside. They improve the room climate and comfort. In addition, thanks to their optimum impermeability - they prove their worth in strong winds, bad weather and hailstorms.

Salamander sliding doors available from Aikon Distribution can have a frame depth of 172mm and a sash depth of 76mm. This allows doors to be built up to 2.5m high and as wide as 6m.  As mentioned earlier, the maximum sash weight can reach up to 400kg.

Advantages of Salamander sliding doors

Saving space

Salamander sliding doors use minimum of space, so they are also an ideal solution for small rooms.


Salamander sliding doors offer optimum protection against wind and heavy rain. They have a very good thermal performance of Uf = 1.4 W/m2*K and an excellent energy balance. They also provide very good sound insulation - the noise load can be reduced by up to 75 per cent with suitably fitted components.

Stylish Design

Stylish design, both for doors and windows, has been one of the most important elements in recent times when choosing joinery for your home. Salamander sliding doors are characterised by a classic design in addition to being tasteful and elegant. The fittings are hidden in low profiles. We also have a wide range of colours to choose from.

Maximum comfort

The maintenance-free hardware, the quiet sliding mechanism of the sashes and maximum security thanks to burglary resistance class RC2 make Salamander sliding doors very comfortable to use. In addition, the new sliding system concept enables opening with little effort.

Additional accessories for sliding doors

Sliding doors make it possible to furnish interiors elegantly and stylishly. They are a good solution already in the basic version and can also be equipped with some extras, for example:

- modular drive - remote-controlled drive for sliding doors,
- customised handles and pulls - designer models or stainless steel finish,
- door closer - a system which ensures that the door closes automatically,
- Bumper bar - installed in the structure, prevents the sashes from hitting the wall.

Properly installed sliding doors open quietly and smoothly and also close almost soundlessly. In the case of bifolding doors, they do not pose a risk of bumping, and locked doors give a real sense of security.

Sliding doors have changed the way we think about opening and closing, thanks to modern solutions and the possibility of convenient installation. Such a system is suitable for small rooms as well as for spacious interiors in customised designs.

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