Salamander Doors



It is also possible to use a low threshold approx. 20 mm high, or a non-threshold system. A typical front door setup includes the following: door bolt, 3 or 5 multipoint lock and a selection of...

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Salamander Doors

Choosing a door for a house or flat, whether it is an exterior door or one for the interior, is a very important decision. It is important to pay attention to many technical details and also to ensure that the door perfectly complements the design of the house.

uPVC doors are often chosen by flat and house owners. The reason for this is the numerous advantages of this material, thanks to which products made of it are characterised by features valued by purchasers.

Salamander uPVC doors

Salamander uPVC doors are the hallmark of any home, a reflection of the style, character and personal taste of its inhabitants. They meet the requirements in terms of functionality and design. They are resistant, protecting even against extreme weather conditions. What's more, Salamander uPVC doors are very stable, also characterised by optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as a long life and stylish design. They can also be fitted with burglar protection equipment.

Salamander uPVC doors at Aikon Distribution

Salamander system makes it possible to design doors that are unconventional and tailored to individual taste. Their advantage is very good quality and durability. At Aikon Distribution, Salamander uPVC front doors are manufactured on the basis of Streamline 76 profiles. We offer the option of a low threshold of 20 mm or a completely threshold-free system. Standard equipment for Salamander front doors includes a door bolt, a 3- or 5- multipoint lock and a choice of opening mechanism.

Large selection of infills and colours for Salamander doors

Salamander doors can be infilled with high-quality plain glass, ornamental glass or decorative panels. Aikon Distribution offers several hundred models of such panels, which can be made of uPVC, HPL or ALU.

In addition, Salamander doors captivate with an unusually wide variety of colours. The colour range includes woodgrain veneers and solid colours.

Advantages of uPVC doors


uPVC is a highly durable material, resistant to both weather and biological and chemical agents.

Low price

uPVC doors are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to timber or aluminium doors.

Thermal insulation

Especially if we are looking for uPVC front doors, this parameter will be very important to us. Their high thermal insulation will ensure that we do not have to contend with additional heat loss on cold winter doors.


Low sound transmission can be very important for both interior and exterior uPVC doors. Noise has a negative impact on our health and well-being, so it is good that the doors we choose protect us from it as much as possible.

Easy to keep clean

Although plastic doors have a habit of particularly attracting dust particles, to get rid of them, simply wash the door with soapy water or a mild liquid. You don't need to use special cleaning products, and you won't get tired doing it either.


Salamander doors stand for very good quality, high user comfort, stylish design and easy care at a really good price. Salamander door systems guarantee security and safety. In addition, they are available in many combinations and designs.

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