Insect screen accessories
Insect screen accessories
Insect screen accessories

Insect screen accessories

Fixed frame insect screen corners

It is simply a corner fastener placed in the frame insect screen with profile "S" and profile "MR". It provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance and adds stability to the entire structure. We distinguish between external corners made of high quality PVC and inner corners made of aluminium. External PVC corners are available in several standard colours and inner aluminium corners in all RAL colours. The inner corner is an option subject to surcharge.

Door closers for door insect screens

Door closers are used for door insect screens and frame insect screen on MD-1 door profile, both in profiles with and without a door frame. Thanks to the integrated spring, the door closer automatically closes the open insect screen, protecting the room against flying insects. It is available in two variants: right and left. Available in white, brown, silver and anthracite.

Aluminium hinge for door insect screens

Aluminium hinges are used for door insect screens and in the fixed frame insect screen on MD-1 door profile. They offer high durability and hassle-free installation.

Aluminium mesh in insect screens

Aluminium meshes are used for door insect screens, "MR" frame insect screen and frame insect screen on MD-1 door profile, as well as for sliding insect screens. They are only available in the limited width of the insect screen design. Like fiberglass mesh, aluminium mesh does not limit visibility. It is durable and impact resistant (recommended for homes with cats), and will not be damaged by harsh weather conditions.

Handles for insect screens

For door, roller, sliding and pleated insect screens, there are additionally mounted PVC handles or knobs available in standard colours. On the other hand, a fixed frame insect screen can be equipped with an additional set of swivel fasteners in various sizes for an extra charge. Swivel fasteners are hooks made of stainless steel used for fastening the insect screen frame to the window frame. The set consists of a metal plate, a screw and a washer. Thanks to these, the insect screen can be quickly and easily mounted and removed during the winter.

RAL colours available

Insect screen profiles are available in a wide range of standard RAL colours, but custom colours come at an extra charge. The paintwork does not include plastic parts.

Magnetic slats

Magnetic slats in insect screens allow screens to close automatically to the window or the door frame. They are mounted on window frames or insect screen frames. Thanks to the use of slats, no insects can get inside unexpectedly.

Some insect screen accessories are subject to an additional charge. Consult your insect screen project with our sales representative.

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