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What awaits us in 2022 on the window frames market?

blog | 24.01.2022

The window frames industry ended the year 2021 relatively stable. Despite the challenges that the market had to face last year, i.e. rising prices and problems with the availability of raw materials, the sector came out on top and is looking forward with optimism to what will happen in the coming months. 

What did 2021 look like? We encourage you to read the article:

What's happening on the window and door joinery market? Summary of the first half of 2021

Polish windows and doors

The Polish window and door joinery can once again count the last season as a successful one. We are the largest exporter of windows and doors among the EU countries (read the data for 2020: Poland as one of the largest woodwork exporters in Europe). We do not yet know the results for 2021, but taking into account the first reports from the market, we can assume that Poland will once again stand at the top of this list. We note the continuous demand for Polish windows and doors in EU countries and beyond.

Prices of windows from Poland

Although the dynamics of windows and doors prices growth has already slightly slowed down, we shouldn't expect a sudden drop of prices in the closest time. Polish window manufacturers are securing appropriate quantities of raw materials for the new season, diversifying subcontractors, improving logistics processes and storage policies - all in order to keep their customers satisfied.

The window trends in 2022

Trends in the window industry are usually the combination of several market circumstances, changing investor attitudes and user fashions. The first and second components this year are undoubtedly influenced by the current situation in the industry and the ongoing pandemic. If this year also goes by in the form of component shortages and supply problems, investors will spend more time looking for materials and subcontractors than offering new, impressive solutions that could guide this year's trends.

Green Deal in the EU

On the other hand, by introducing the Green Deal, the European Commission will contribute to a number of actions aimed at improving the energy performance of buildings, i.e. replacing joinery with energy-efficient ones. It is certainly on this topic that investors and constructors will focus their attention to a large extent, and users will be happy to benefit from it. The passive building trend has been going on for years, and decisions by the EU and individual governments are certainly conducive to further development of this direction.


The European Green Deal

Large glazings

There is no denying that XXL window and door joinery is a symbol of today's modern architecture. You won't find a new project nowadays in which the investor hasn't planned at least one large sliding door or large glazing of the fix type. Such constructions give the buildings a luxurious character, but are also very functional and convenient - they optically enlarge the space and give the possibility of establishing closeness with the outside environment.
Manufacturers of window and door joinery are introducing more and more interesting profiles into the market, hiding the mechanisms that move the sashes and thresholds or using very slender profiles to give as much light and the impression of a "wall of glass" as possible.

glass_patioSliding glass doors

The year 2022 will certainly be a time of the continuation of trends associated with the use of glass and large-scale structures, in addition to the requirements of the Green Deal, i.e. passive and energy-efficient construction. If the market allows it and we can overcome the difficulties in the form of a shortage of certain raw materials, the coming months will certainly be very interesting and fruitful for the window industry.

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