Single-glazed timber window

Single-glazed timber window - is it worth it?

blog | 28.11.2023

Single-glazed timber windows have long been regarded as a symbol of tradition and aesthetics. But these days, with energy efficiency standards becoming a priority, it's worth considering whether these windows are still sufficient. Let's look at why single-glazed timber windows may be an outdated solution and if you'd like to consider more modern options.

Limited thermal insulation of single-glazed solutions

One of the main problems with single-glazed timber windows is their limited thermal insulation. Compared to modern double or triple glazed windows, single glazed models can be less effective at stopping heat loss. As a result, homeowners may experience an increase in energy bills and heat loss during the colder months.

Acoustics: are single-pane timber windows sufficient?

Another important aspect is acoustic insulation. Single-glazed windows may not live up to expectations, especially if you live in a noisy area. Therefore, it is worth considering alternatives that offer better protection against outside sounds.

Check out the double-glazed timber windows on offer:



Modern timber windows with double and triple glazing: A 21st century solution

To meet modern expectations, it is worth considering timber windows with double or triple glazing. Such solutions not only provide excellent thermal insulation, but also effectively reduce outside noise. This is an ideal proposition for those who value tradition but do not want to give up modern comfort standards.

Triple-glazed timber window at Aikon Distribution:


Timber windows in contemporary construction

The beauty and warmth of natural timber

Timber windows are distinguished by their unique natural charm. Contemporary building designs often emphasise harmony with their surroundings, and timber fits in perfectly with this philosophy. By choosing timber windows, you add warmth and cosiness to your home while creating an elegant and modern design.

Energy efficiency and thermal insulation

Traditionally, one of the arguments against timber windows was their lower energy efficiency compared to aluminium or PVC. However, thanks to advances in technology, modern timber windows are equipped with advanced insulation systems. The availability of double and triple glazed models makes them just as effective in terms of thermal insulation as competing materials.

Single-glazed timber window
A single-glazed wooden window has little thermal insulation

Sustainable construction

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, more and more builders and architects are opting for sustainable solutions. Timber, as a natural raw material, is renewable and environmentally friendly. Responsibly sourced timber windows can therefore provide an ecological alternative, contributing to more environmentally friendly buildings.

Technology versus tradition - double and triple glazed windows

To meet modern energy efficiency requirements, timber windows are available in a variety of options, including double and triple glazing. This solution not only increases thermal insulation, but also reduces noise levels, which is particularly important in densely populated urban areas.

Aikon Distribution: Find the perfect windows to suit your needs

At Aikon Distribution, we are aware of the needs of today's customers and offer an extensive range of timber windows with double and triple glazing. This means you don't have to sacrifice the charm of timber for energy efficiency. Discover our range and choose the windows that meet your needs, combining tradition and modernity.

Contact our specialist and see why our timber windows with double and triple glazing are the perfect choice for your home!


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