Intelligent garage doors

Intelligent garage doors. The future of your home

blog | 15.05.2024

Thanks to the growing popularity of smart homes, more and more homeowners are looking for solutions to increase the comfort and security of their everyday life. One key component of such a system is smart garage doors. Thanks to io technology, we can open or close the door from anywhere in the world using an app on a smartphone or tablet. What's more, io technology allows the door to be monitored in real time, providing information about its location, which gives a sense of security and peace of mind. These advanced systems simplify everyday life, enhancing the security of our property. Let's take a closer look at how io technology is revolutionising garage door control.

Garage door with RTS technology or io-Homecontrol?

io technology is gradually displacing the previously used RTS systems in various areas of our lives, including smart garage doors. Although both technologies have similar objectives, they differ significantly in terms of functionality and control options. The older RTS radio technology, which has been the standard in modern construction for many years, is becoming less and less practical compared to the more advanced io-HomeControl technology from Somfy. Although the cost of purchasing RTS technology devices is significantly lower, the lack of encryption of communication, integration with other systems and status information greatly limits its usefulness.

Find out more about RTS technology and garage door operators with this technology:

RTS radio technology

What is the io-HomeControl system for controlling an intelligent garage door?

The io-HomeControl system is an advanced communication technology developed by Somfy for intelligent home management. It allows you to control a variety of devices, such as garage doors, external Venetian blinds, façade shutters, lighting or security systems, using a single, coherent system. Thanks to encrypted two-way communication, it provides full control over the status of devices in real time and allows the creation of automated operating scenarios.

To fully enjoy io-HomeControl technology in your home, you need:

  • Tahoma Switch control panel,
  • the Tahoma mobile app
  • a compatible garage door operator with io technology
  • Somfy io remote controls
  • io wall switches
  • safety sensors (photocells or motion detectors)
  • emergency power supply (emergency battery).

intelligent garage doors

Tahoma Switch control unit

You can read more about this topic here:

io Technology

Intelligent garage doors with io HomeControl technology

The key features of io-HomeControl technology are:

  • Communication frequency: 868.95 MHz.
  • Remote control: Possibility to open and close the door from anywhere in the world via an app on a smartphone or tablet. Remote controls, wall switches and the Tahoma app are also available.
  • Real-time monitoring: A continuous view of the gate's status - whether it is open, closed or in motion - provides complete control.
  • Integration with other systems: The io technology allows connection to other smart home devices such as lighting, alarms or roller shutters.
  • Security and encryption: AES 128-bit encryption of communications. Advanced encryption of communication between devices provides a high level of protection against unauthorised access.
  • Automation: Possibility of setting schedules or automatic scenarios, e.g. opening the gate in connection with exiting the garage.
  • Feedback: Two-way communication provides information on the status of the device.
  • Scenarios and operating schedules: Allow you to adapt the system to your individual needs.

Is it worth investing in an intelligent garage door?

There are many advantages to io-HomeControl technology, but our customers often highlight one important aspect to be aware of when choosing this technology for their home - cost. Purchasing a Tahoma control panel to manage io systems is more expensive than investing in devices based on traditional RTS technology. However, it's important to remember that this is only an initial cost and that the functionality of the io-HomeControl system will fully meet your expectations over time, offering exceptional comfort.

Intelligent garage doors are an investment that brings tangible benefits in terms of convenience and security. They allow us to enjoy comfort and peace of mind, knowing that our home is under constant control.

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