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An arched timber window or a uPVC window?

blog | 01.08.2023

Arched windows are distinguished by their peculiar shape and undoubtedly have their own unique charm. They are more labour-intensive to make than traditional rectangular windows and quite expensive, but the end result pleases the eye of their owner every day.

Arched windows add style to a room, especially when fitted with tasteful muntins. Thanks to the variety of materials and shapes provided by architects, arched windows can decorate both historic palaces and modern buildings.

Arched timber windows or uPVC?

Arched windows can be made from either timber or a synthetic material such as uPVC. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, supporters and opponents. In order to decide which Arched timber window will suit our project better, timber or plastic, it is worth learning more about and comparing the two options available.

Arched timber windows or uPVC - how to choose?

Airtightness of arched windows

Modern Arched timber windows, whether plastic or timber, have very good airtightness, especially if the same hardware and glazing is used. Thermal and acoustic insulation in both cases is also at a similar, very high level. If burglar-proof or security glazing is used then arched windows will also protect us against possible break-ins and theft.

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The resistance of arched windows to weather conditions

Timber windows perform better in areas exposed to high temperatures. Plastic windows exposed to permanent sunlight may lose their colour faster. However, this does not apply to white windows, which retain their fresh appearance regardless of the conditions.

The advantage of UPVC windows, on the other hand, is their almost complete resistance to moisture and chemicals. Therefore, if the window joinery is to be located in a place with permanent high humidity, plastic windows will be a much safer solution.

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Maintenance and care of arched windows

With uPVC windows, virtually no maintenance is needed - their care is limited to cleaning only. It is a little more difficult with timber windows as maintenance needs to be carried out every few years depending on the type of coating. Transparent coating requires renewal approximately every 3 years. Opaque coating - approximately every 5 years. However, it is worth noting that if the wooden frames are maintained properly, they can serve us even for several decades.

Price of arched windows

Arched timber windows from uPVC will definitely be cheaper than arched timber windows. Arched timber windows will probably also require more frequent maintenance and care, which also affects the cost of maintenance.

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The look of arched windows

Arched timber windows are elegant, beautifully presented and a substitute for luxury. They blend in perfectly with wooden furniture and add warmth to the interior. Plastic windows, on the other hand, can take on all sorts of shapes, the possibilities of their curving are really numerous.

As you can see, both arched timber windows and uPVC arched windows have a number of advantages. Regardless of the material they are made of, arched constructions are perceived as more attractive and their shapes introduce soft lines into an otherwise austere building shell. For some, they are a matter of taste or aesthetics, while for others they are an indicator of a beautifully designed and finished home. So the answer to the question whether to choose arched timber windows or uPVC arched windows depends entirely on the design of the building and our taste.

If you are interested in ordering TIMBER WINDOWS or uPVC arched windows - please contact our salesman. He will be happy to share his experience and knowledge and help you choose the right product.


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