colors of pine wood windows


Just a few years ago, every timber window frame that came off the production line was in shades of brown or white. Today this is changing and subtle shades of white, beige, grey, green and blue are also among the most popular colours. Subdued colours suit most home styles, are striking and add a touch of modernity.

In terms of colour, wooden windows offer endless possibilities. However, before we choose the colour which is right for us, the manufacturer will protect the window frames with an appropriate impregnation, in order to additionally strengthen the parameters of the wood against changing weather conditions and UV radiation. Impregnation of wood reduces its absorbability, evens out its surface and prolongs the life of subsequent layers of varnish and paint. The impregnated frames are then covered with following layers: primer, interlayer and the proper layer.

Window frames can be stained in many colours with varnishes that preserve the natural look of the wood and its grain. It is also possible to cover the wood with opaque paints. Depending on customer preference, we are able to supply wooden windows and doors in any colour from a wide range of RAL colours. We offer colours of well-known paint or varnish manufacturers, such as Remmers or Teknos.

Our windows and doors are manufactured from the following species of wood:


It is a coniferous, European, knot-free species with a natural, warm colouring ranging from yellow to red-brown. Pine wood is resilient and easy to work, and thanks to its high resin content it is resistant to changing weather conditions.


Meranti is an exotic species and in its natural habitat occurs in South-East Asia, but due to its properties it is highly valued all over the world. Meranti due to its density it is more durable and resistant to any damage. It has a high aesthetic value of wood surface, which is basically free of knots and blemishes. It is available in many colours from light and warm shades of brown to dark brown and mahogany.


Oak is a noble species found in the temperate latitudes of Europe and North America. It is a more difficult wood to work with, but is characterised by the highest resistance to weather conditions, especially water. It has a characteristic grain, which should be emphasised with a transparent varnish coating.  Due to its properties, it is a luxury product.

Timber windows and doors offered by Aikon Distribution are available in 12 colours and a wide range of RAL colours.

RAL colours




PLEASE NOTE: The presented colours are for illustrative purposes only and may significantly differ from the actual window colour.


Colours of timber windows and doors

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