Sash window accessories
Sash window accessories

Sash window accessories

Sash pulleys and accessories

Sash window pulleys have high quality ball bearings, so there is no question of premature damage. With the pulleys we use abrasion-resistant nylon string of 6 mm diameter. Pulleys are available with rounded ends in a wide range of colours.

dodatki do okien sash

Sash pulleys and sash cord

Sash locks

Locks in sash windows not only ensure safety, but also affect the aesthetics of the room, giving it a unique and original look. We offer locks made of brass, with and without key locking. Sash locks are easy to install, they operate smoothly and seamlessly. Their additional advantage is the fact that they pull two sashes towards each other, thus improving tightness and thermal parameters of the window.

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Sash locks for sash windows

Spring counter balances

Spring counter balance system consists of springs attached to both sides of the window that can hold the window in any up and down position while allowing the window to move easily and evenly. The sash springs are available in a standard white color.

The Spirex spring is constructed of an aluminum tube of 14 mm in diameter. It supports a window sash weighing up to 13.5 kg.

The Ultralift spring is enclosed in a 17 mm diameter tube and supports a window sash weight of 4.5 to 31 kg.

The Torso spring has several sizes that determine its lifting capacity:

  1. 17 mm diameter enclosure (up to 25 kg),
  2. 19 mm diameter enclosure (up to 50 kg),
  3. 25 mm diameter enclosure (up to 65 kg).

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Spring counter balances for sash windows

Sash lifts for sash windows

Used to open and close sash windows from the inside. They are made of brass and provide the perfect finishing touch to your window design. Their excellent quality is due to their solid workmanship. They are available in hook, eye and handle form.

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Sash lifts for sash windows

Travel restrictors for sash windows

Travel restrictors are fitted on the uprights of the top window sash to restrict how much the bottom sash could be lifted up when in opened position. Travel restrictors are factory set to allow around 100-125mm opening. For double hung windows, alternative type of travel restrictors can be applied. Those are circular screws manually fixed on the top sash uprights, again to allow approximately 100-125mm opening.

Travel restrictors meet the highest safety standards while having unobtrusive appearance. They should be installed in any opening sash window where safety standards are needed to be met. They can also be fitted with safety locks to further enhance the safety of children and pets at home.

The use of travel restrictors for double hung windows also makes it easier to ventilate rooms. They allow to open the upper and lower sash of the sash window, lock it and ventilate the interior of the house without risking a break-in.

You can find the following types of restrictors in Aikon Distribution’s range:

  1. Travel restrictors PE
  2. Single Stage Roller Restrictor
  3. Ventlock (angle ventlock, push ventlock, locking ventlock, strike plates)

dodatki do sashTravel restrictors for sash windows

Sash accessory colours

The above sash window fittings are available in a standard range of colours:

  1. brass
  2. antique brass
  3. chrome
  4. satin chrome
  5. gold
  6. white

However, not every accessory has its full colour base. Custom sash accessory colours are available on request and may be subject to a surcharge.

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