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Fence segments and posts

Fence segments

The segments are made of a solid construction assembled to the post with the use of assembly accessories; depending on the design, a segment is made of steel sections or rods.


Assembly dimensions and their markings needed for proper selection and assembly of the segment - viewed as from the property side.

S - segment width (ordering dimensions)

So - width between columns

H - segment height (ordering dimensions)


The posts are made of steel sections; they are mounted in a concrete foundation or on a footing fixed with anchors to solid ground - the depth of the foundation should be greater than the frost zone in the given region.

MultiBox - invest in functionality

MultiBox is a fence post integrated with a mailbox, video intercom or coding switch/access control unit.

MultiBox is primarily a robustly designed construction, which allows it to be used as a mounting post for gates and wickets, giving the impression of consistency of the complete fencing.

MultiBox universal design allows it to be fitted into all models of gates and fences. It can also be color-matched as it is available in a full colour palette.





Colors of Segments and posts

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