Veka Sliding doors



The new VEKAMOTION 82 system is the result of VEKA's advanced solutions that improve product quality. This is not a typical lift and slide system...

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PRODUCT DISCONTINUED. Veka Slide is a very robust, stable and safe profile. Additionally, it has energy-saving functions, as polystyrene sections are mounted to each element of the frame and...

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Veka Sliding doors

Veka sliding doors combine the highest technical requirements, maximum processing efficiency with cost-effective production and high demands in terms of comfort and design. They have a number of advantages and are very popular with our customers.

Veka sliding doors

Veka sliding doors offer high functionality, and the various opening types provide a wide range of design possibilities. The availability of individual opening types for sliding and lift-and-slide doors depends on the specific system.

Veka sliding doors - systems available at Aikon Distribution

Veka Ekosol

The Ekosol system has been developed for lightweight, sliding structures. Its main advantage is its strength, as well as its light weight and ease of use. This makes the system often chosen as the patio door or for other sliding structures forming a partition inside or outside a building.

Veka Slide 82

The Veka Slide 82 lift-and-slide door system is designed on the basis of an energy-efficient window profile system with an installation depth of 82 mm.
The profiles have a heat transfer coefficient of Uf=1.4 W/m²K, and with the use of a glazing package with Ug=0.4 W/m²K the thermal insulation of the door can be achieved even at the level of 0.66 W/m²K.

The very good energy efficiency of this system is not only due to the multi-chamber profiles, but also to the threshold, which has excellent thermal insulation properties.

V- Motion 82

This is one of Veka's most recent sliding door systems. It is characterised by excellent energy efficiency thanks to the multi-chamber profiles and the threshold with excellent thermal insulation properties, which is made of PVC material that is warmer than aluminium. The fittings used in this system make it possible to put together two-, three- and four-leaf patio doors with a maximum width of up to 6.5m and a height of up to 2.7m. The sashes can be fixed and lift-and-slide to suit specific needs.

Veka sliding doors - colours and accessories

Veka sliding doors are offered in a wide range of colours and finishes, including reproducing the texture of various woods and some metals such as aluminium.

See the colours of Veka sliding doors

Veka colours

We can also add a range of accessories to Veka sliding doors to give your door a more original and personalised look:

  • modular drive - remote controlled drive for sliding doors,
  • customised handles and pulls - a designer style or stainless steel design,
  • door closer - a system that ensures the door closes automatically,
  • bumper bar - installed in the construction, prevents the door from hitting the wall.

Veka sliding doors - correct installation

When planning the installation of Veka sliding doors, it is worth thinking about as early as the room design stage. This is because the assembly of such constructions is not universal. It should always be carried out by a specialist company with knowledge and experience in fitting joinery. It should be in accordance with the construction project and the recommendations of Veka and its suppliers.

A proper joinery assembly should satisfy the following requirements:

transferring loads to the building walls due to dead weight, wind force, temperature difference, ensuring air-tightness and optimal thermal and sound insulation, proper diffusion of water vapour, ensuring proper insulation from adverse weather conditions.

In addition, the installation method of Veka sliding doors is affected by, among other things:

  • the size, shape and weight of the door,
  • the mounting area ( doors facing outside the building or doors that separate rooms from each other),
  • the floor of the installation.

If you are looking for PVC sliding doors and are interested in Veka systems, please contact our sales team. We will be happy to advise you on the right choice.