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Terrace doors are a great alternative to entrance doors. Thanks to its innovation, the selected profile can be glazed to the customer’s needs.

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The entrance door in Veka system is primarily very high quality and reasonable price. Front doors are created based on Softline and Perfectline profile

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Veka Doors

As well as being stylistically suited to the architecture of the building, the front door of a house must meet high demands. They have to work reliably, protect against weather conditions and give a feeling of security. All these conditions are met by Veka PVC doors.

Veka PVC doors

High-quality PVC doors from Veka are functional and modern. They meet all the requirements for a solid door. This is due to the very high quality of the PVC profiles from which they are manufactured, but also to other design elements.

Veka front doors

VEKA front doors can be equipped with anti-burglary features, special locking technology, anti-burglary hardware and special glazing.

Break-in resistance classes for Veka front doors:

  • - Class 1 - doors with increased burglary resistance, resistant to accidental break-ins;

  • - Class 2 - doors with increased burglary resistance, resistant to accidental burglary with simple tools;

  • - Class 3 - burglar-resistance doors resistant to robbery burglary with additional hand tools, such as a crowbar;

  • - Class 4 - burglar-resistance doors that can withstand the intrusion of an experienced criminal equipped with tools, including simple battery-powered devices;

  • - Class 5 - armoured doors resistant to break-in by an experienced criminal using specialised power tools (class 5 mainly for banks, for example);

  • - Class 6 - armoured doors resistant to break-in by an experienced criminal using specialised high-powered electrical tools (up to banks).

Doors, deemed to be burglar-resistant, should be at least Class 3 and preferably Class 4 (the equivalent of the former Class C).

- For a detached house - it is best to install a Class 4 door.
- In multi-family buildings or houses on gated estates where more people live, a Class 3 door will suffice.

Veka front doors can have an infill of burglar-proof glass, coffers or special decorative elements. They have high resistance to harmful atmospheric factors. They are easy to clean and maintain, so they will serve their owners for many, many years.

Veka PVC doors - colours

Doors are a very important element of any building, which add originality and style to the design. This is why the colour of the door is so important and should blend well with the look of the building as a whole.

Veka PVC doors are available in a wide range of colours and veneers - including smooth, structured or woodgrain.

In addition, Veka doors can be painted on one or both sides in RAL colours.

Another option for painting Veka doors is Veka Spectral, a special type of matt coating. It gives the door an aluminium, original and elegant look. The coating is velvety, soft to touch and damage-resistant. The Spectral finish is offered in the Veka Softline 82 profile.


Veka PVC doors in the offer of Aikon Distribution

Aikon Distribution offers terrace doors and front doors by Veka.

Veka patio doors

These are high-quality PVC doors, available in many colours and with various infill options. All doors are made to a special order of the customer, who has the opportunity to choose, in addition to the previously mentioned colour and filling, also size, shape or accessories. Veka patio doors are a very good alternative to front doors. They can also be matched to the appearance of the windows.

Veka front doors

Veka front doors are manufactured on Perfectline and Softline 82 profiles, giving them a stable structure. They have good acoustic and thermal insulation and do not deform. Typical front door equipment includes: an espagnolette, 3- or 5-point lock and a choice of opening mechanism. Options include a double-sided handle, a handle/knob and a handle/handle.

There are various Veka door shapes to choose from, classic designs as well as modern ones. For entrances with typical dimensions, single leaves are sufficient, while where there is a wide entrance to the house, double doors or even so-called multiple doors can be ordered.

Veka door catalogue

Buying a door is a decision that lasts for years. We want - just like you - to make sure you make the right decision. With our experience you can choose the best door profiles. The PVC material from which Veka doors are manufactured is characterised by excellent performance. We are presenting the product catalogue available at Aikon Distribution - including the Veka door catalogue.

Take a look at the catalogue:


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