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The Schüco front doors offer excellent protection against weather factors such as cold, rain, wind or noise. Wide selection of door locks effectively protects against burglary.

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Schüco Doors

A front door is not just an entry to a house, it is also a representation of the tastes and preferences of its inhabitants. Schüco stands for timeless design combined with maximum security, thermal insulation, durability and weather resistance. Schüco stands for creativity that has virtually no limits - even large-format doors are possible.

Schüco front doors meet the most demanding taste of design aesthetes. The design of a door that is perfect is the result of the right combination of frame, leaf and infill.

Schüco front doors

Sizes and proportions are values that must be taken into account when planning an front door. After all, a high-quality door leaf is the centrepiece of a door and the main decoration of a house. The door should match the character of the building - whether modern or classic. To emphasise the effect, you can choose from a range of colours to make the final effect complete and consistent.

Schüco front doors are made of high-impact PVC, which is resistant to deformation. Excellent thermal insulation is provided by multi-chambered profiles. Steel reinforcements that are large in size and of optimal thickness make the product both rigid and stable.

See what possibilities you have in customising your Schüco PVC front door:

Ornamental glazing



PVC door panels

Schüco front door price

Door joinery is always an expensive investment. However, it is finances that are invested for many years of functionality and indoor comfort. What is the price of a Schüco front door? It all depends on what colour, shape and size they are, what glazing package is selected. Better fittings, more thermal insulation, reinforcements all increase the price of a uPVC front door. Choosing a Schüco front door is a guarantee of high quality, the use of good materials and the application of modern production techniques. It is not worth saving on performance and quality.

Schüco doors

Schüco is a global giant in the PVC window systems sector. The company began in 1951 in Germany and spread to overseas European markets in the 1970s, becoming the first company in its sector to operate globally.

What are the characteristics of Schüco doors?

- a strongly established and recognisable brand;

- high profile quality

- large colour range

- interesting and original design

- solutions tailored to European markets

- unique design.

Schüco security doors

Schüco's front doors offer state-of-the-art locking systems and a variety of equipment options. This choice allows you to tailor them to your own needs. Special hardware increases burglary resistance to RC3, protecting your home from uninvited access. Whether a door is well protected against attempted burglary depends mainly on the lock and the number of locking points. The more locking points a door has, the harder it is to break in. Front doors can be fitted with different types of locks: hook and bolt, hook and bolt. An additional security feature is a self-locking mechanical lock. The locking points are anchored automatically in the frame as soon as the door is closed, without the need to turn the key.

Schüco door suppliers

Aikon Distribution has been a supplier of Schuco doors for many years. We offer high-quality front doors manufactured using CT70 and SI82 profiles. They are available in a wide range of colours and a choice of woodgrain veneer is also possible. The doors can be filled with plain or ornamental glass, as well as decorative panels. We have several hundred models of decorative panels, made of high-quality PVC and HPL. The wide range, which includes a variety of designs - from classic elegance to modern minimalism - will satisfy the most demanding taste.

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