Aluplast Doors



Aluplast system gives the possibility to create a front door tailored to the needs of each customer, all thanks to the design based on the ID 4000, ID 4000 New 85, ID 5000, ID 7000 or ID 8000 profiles

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Terrace profiles made on the basis of ID 4000, ID 4000 New 85, ID 5000 and ID 7000 profiles are characterized by their durability and high quality of making.

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Aluplast Doors

More than once it is said that the door is the hallmark of the house. It is hard to disagree with this, because it is the door from the very entrance that emphasises the character of the house. A wealth of colours, almost unlimited design possibilities and a variety of fillings - these are Aluplast doors.

Aluplast front doors

Specific applications are required of front doors. Aluplast front doors provide a high degree of security, protection from outside noise and protection from the weather. Aluplast front doors are solidity and elegance in one. Multi-chamber construction, a construction depth of 70-85 mm and the use of a thermo-insulating separator in the door threshold contribute to very good thermal insulation parameters.

The sashes have a high degree of stability due to the use of steel reinforcement and the use of weldable corner connectors. This guarantees adequate strength parameters. The low threshold responds to the requirements of architecturally barrier-free construction. The threshold feet are shaped in such a way that they can be combined with system add-on profiles.

Choosing the right system for your project is a very important element. Aluplast offers many solutions for front doors that are compatible with window systems meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Colours of Aluplast front doors

Exterior doors should be unique. Not only are they supposed to match the style of the house or emphasise the good design taste of the owners. front doors are to meet thermal insulation and safety requirements. The choice of PVC Aluplast front doors is wide - apart from the choice of the profile system, on which the doors will be made, we can choose from a wide range of veneer colours or paint the doors in any colour from the RAL palette.


The selection of Aluplast PVC front doors at Aikon Distribution is extremely extensive. The entire range of panels allows you to fulfil a visual effect that will give taste and complement the overall design of the building.

Check out the PVC door panels:


Aluplast doors price

The amount you have to pay for an Aluplast doors is influenced by a number of different factors, and these include the colour, shape, size and type of glazing package. Better equipment, e.g. with an anti-burglary system or additional reinforcements, causes the price of the door to be higher. However, the choice of Aluplast doors is a guarantee of high quality, very good materials and the use of modern production techniques, and as we all know, it is not worth saving on quality and functional parameters.

Aluplast door catalogue

Buying a door is a decision that lasts for years. We want - just like you - to make sure you make the right decision. Using our experience you can choose the best door profiles. The PVC material from which Aluplast doors are manufactured is characterised by excellent parameters. Here is a catalogue of products available at Aikon Distribution - including the Aluplast doors.

Take a look at the catalogue:


At Aikon Distribution, we can help you choose the best Aluplast doors for your project. Consult with our consultant and choose a PVC door that will stay with you for years to come.