Will artificial intelligence design the windows in your house?

blog | 20.06.2024

Artificial intelligence is generating curiosity and reflection on the future of many aspects of our lives. And it is hardly surprising, as technologies and tools based on artificial intelligence make it possible to solve many problems in a wide variety of industries. People interested in planning and design in the construction industry, as well as architecture and interior design, are also increasingly willing to use them. Can AI also be used in the window and door industry? Will artificial intelligence design the windows in your home?

Artificial intelligence in the window industry

Artificial intelligence has been with us in everyday life for many years in principle, but recently it has been applied in more and more sectors. It is only natural, therefore, that we will start to use it in construction, interiors and, most importantly, in the window and door industry.

And this is very positive news, because AI can help or enable innovation, optimisation, precision and also savings. In fact, it is already doing so - just look at online window configurators, which have been successfully operating for several years, or interior design software.

Designing a home with artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence in the design of your home allows you to 'see' your dream space before it is actually founded. Indeed, artificial intelligence helps to create stunning, aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. How does it do this? It uses data and algorithms, which it then analyses. These include the client's preferences, the information it will provide, as well as certain patterns and rules. In this way, with the help of an architect or designer, a specific design is created, tailored to the requirements of the home or flat owner. Artificial intelligence helps to choose the right colour palette, furniture, decoration.

So will artificial intelligence also design the windows in your home?

In principle, YES.

Given the dimensions, material, colour and possible additions, the artificial intelligence will design the windows for us. What's more, on a virtual design it will place them in a place of our choice in our house. But not only windows, also doors, gates or fences. AI generators also make it possible to visualise the end result of a house construction/design project.

A man designs windows using artificial intelligence

AI, and the online window configurator

Artificial intelligence is successfully helping to build professional online window configurators. It enables the window design to be tailored to the individual needs of a given customer. Based on the given parameters and dimensions, it suggests optimal solutions. It shows what the window will look like and calculates its price. And all this in a very short time.

This in turn allows you to create your own window design, or considerably assists the work of the window sales staff.

If you need a window or door for your house, flat or any other project - contact our salesman, who, with the help of artificial intelligence, will be happy to select a tailor-made joinery for your needs.


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