timber door painting

Timber door paint

blog | 03.03.2022

Timber door are a charming decoration of the facade of a house or the room they lead to. So, it's very important that they are always in perfect condition, properly maintained and well painted. Painting timber door can be really easy - especially if you have the right set of tools and the right high-quality paint. So which timber door paint is right for you? How to paint a timber door to breathe new life into it? We will try to answer these questions below.

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Do-it-yourself timber door paint

Many people wonder whether painting timber door requires hiring a specialised team, or whether it's worth trying to do it yourself. It turns out, however, that the process of painting timber door, of course with the help of professional paint, does not have to be complicated at all. All you need is high-quality paint, a suitable set of brushes and rollers, and a bit of patience. So you can paint timber door yourself, saving money and doing it according to your own aesthetic vision.

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Timber door paint

Many people wonder which paint for timber door will be suitable. Undoubtedly, it should be a high quality product intended for decorative and protective painting of wood. In addition, the paint should have a mild smell, be easy to apply and dry quickly. In addition, it should be resistant to weather conditions and provide very good coverage. It is important that the paint is approved and meets European safety standards, and that it does not adversely affect the safety and health of people or animals.

It is also important to remember that the selection of the right painting system, including both the type of paint and the recommended number of paint coats, depends on, among other things:

  1. the type of substrate to be painted (raw wood, impregnated wood, painted wood),
  2.  operating conditions (indoor or outdoor),
  3. technological and economic feasibility.

Preparing timber door for painting

The effect of painting timber door is largely determined by the correct preparation of the surface. The substrate prepared for painting should be dry, free from grease and dust, traces of resin and old paint coatings. Paint coatings on old door that have already been painted should be degreased, cleaned of impurities, sanded to remove streaks and to reduce gloss and chalking.

Things to bear in mind

To begin with, you should check the condition of your timber door. The surface of the wood prepared for painting should be clean, smooth, dry (moisture content of about 10 -15 %), without any glue stains or blisters. Before painting, remove any accessories (locks, handles, etc.) which you do not plan to paint, to avoid cleaning them from paint.

It is also very important whether the wood to be painted is untreated or whether it has been previously coated with paint. If the latter is the case, you should check whether the paint is peeling. If it is, remove it completely. It is best to use sandpaper. Remove the paint with coarse-grained paper and then smooth the surface with fine-grained paper.

The same applies if you want to repaint a timber door a completely different colour. If you want to repaint a timber door a different colour than the one originally applied, remove all previous coats of paint, as the final, successful paint effect depends, among other things, on the appearance of the substrate. As experienced designers advise, it's a good idea to get rid of old coatings completely, even if the door will be painted with a different product than the last one. If the painted wood is in relatively good condition and you want to give it almost the same colour as before, it's enough to sand the surface with fine-grained paper.

timber door paint
Sanding of timber door

How to paint timber door?

Before starting to paint, read the manufacturer's instructions on the label and in the leaflets. During painting and drying of the coating you should also ensure good room ventilation. Timber door should be painted in an ambient temperature of +10°C and humidity of the air below 80%. Apply the second coat of paint after approx. 4 hours.

If you are interested in buying timber door please contact our sales representative who will surely help you make the right choice.


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