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How to repair timber windows?

blog | 14.03.2022

It is well known today that timber windows need to be cared for and systematically maintained. Then for many years they will look beautiful, decorate the building and fulfil their most important functions.

What if a timber window does not close, is leaky? We should not write it off right away. It is worth having a closer look at it, maybe it is enough to repair and adjust it.

How to repair a timber window? Here are some tried and tested methods.

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Repairing timber windows

Replacing timber window frames is a big cost and requires a lot of renovation work. However, sometimes it is possible to repair timber windows instead of replacing them. When is it better to renovate instead of replacing them? It all depends on the condition of the window joinery.

If the wood is peeling and falling off, has cracks and losses, but the windows are not badly damaged or warped, maintenance and painting will probably be sufficient. However, this should be done as soon as possible, as windows without a proper protective coating are exposed to bad weather conditions.

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Maybe an adjustment is enough?

Sometimes when windows are leaking or do not close properly, it is enough to adjust them in order for them to work properly.

Fittings in timber window

Window fittings should be adjusted once a year. We should remember about that even if our timber windows are relatively new. It turns out that during the first year of use, sashes fall down the most.

The first adjustment attempt should consist in tightening the adjustment screw with an Allen key. To do this, you should set the window in the tilted position and remove the hinge cover. If we want to lift the sash, we should move it towards the handle while tightening the screw.

To increase the contact pressure (especially in winter) the hardware on the sash should be moved towards the seal. Remember to reduce the pressure before the summer season to allow more fresh air into the room.

Handle and seals on timber window

Do not forget that the condition of the handle and seals also determines the operation of your window. If the handle is loose, it should be tightened immediately. However, if this element does not want to work at all, it is better to call a specialist. It may become necessary to replace the handle due to damage to the handle.

Cleaning the seals is also an important part of the adjustment. Keep them clean to prevent dirt and grit from accumulating in the frame and seals.

Timber windows are a beautiful decoration of the house

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How to repair a timber window?

If minor maintenance and adjustment of a timber window is not enough, a thorough repair will be necessary.

Window repairs should start with the removal of the sashes.

Step 1 – remove timber window and visually inspect before repair

A window removed from its hinges can be repaired and painted much more conveniently. This is also the right time to thoroughly inspect the condition of the wood and other parts of the window. You should also check the fixing of the glass in the window frame.

Step 2 – sanding

Old, well adhering paint coatings only need to be sanded with sandpaper and any irregularities filled with acrylic compound.
If you need to remove old paint, you can choose from several methods:

  1. sanding – if the paint is cracked and peeling, remove it carefully from the window profile. The most common way to do this is to use a sander with coarse-grained paper and then level the surface with fine-grained paper.
  2. chemical removal – You can also use special preparations for softening old paint coatings. They are suitable for timber windows painted many times, on which the layer of old paint is quite thick. After applying the preparation and separating the paint from the wood surface, it is enough to lever it with a spatula and remove.

Step 3 – choice of paint for painting timber windows

Paints for timber windows should be characterised by increased resistance to external conditions, UV resistance and good adhesion to the surface.

Step 4 – painting timber windows

Painting starts with hard-to-reach areas such as corners and edges. Then the whole frame is painted. Usually, two layers of paint are applied, especially when painting wood for the first time. After the first coat, the surface should be sanded with fine sandpaper to remove any roughness caused by the wood fibres rising up.
You should also take into account the specific application requirements of the paint manufacturer.

Painting timber windows is best planned for a rain-free day with moderate sunshine. You should also take into account the drying time of the paint and any time needed to install the window frame.

Timber window care

Proper window maintenance not only prolongs the life of your windows, but also makes your work more efficient. If you want to avoid serious window repairs in the future, it is worth remembering to lubricate all moving elements. Depending on the manufacturer's recommendations, this should be done once or twice a year. For lubrication you can use technical petroleum jelly, machine oil or specialist lubricants.

If you want to keep your windows trouble-free, it is worth making some adjustments. People experienced in such works can easily do the basic adjustments themselves. Other owners of timber windows are recommended to contact an experienced service agent who will assess the general technical condition of the windows and help if it is necessary to repair important elements.

Are you interested in timber windows? Are you thinking about buying them? Contact our sales representative who will help you to choose.


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