How to install a roller garage door?

blog | 08.09.2022

Roller garage doors are a very popular solution used in garage spaces. They are valued for their functionality and aesthetics, safety and high-quality workmanship. They are suitable for almost any garage. However, to meet all the above-mentioned characteristics, they require correct installation. How to install a roller garage door? Let's find it out.

Please note that the following text is not a detailed instruction on how to install a roller garage door, but only a hint and tip to help you with its installation.


Where to install a roller shutter door?

Altough roller shutter doors are designed for use in residential dwellings, they can also be used as commercial doors, i.e. doors installed in commercial buildings such as shops, offices or service buildings. However, roller garage doors cannot be used in shared or multi-user garages.

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Required conditions for the installation of a roller garage door

The roller garage door, like any other door, should be fitted and used as intended. The roller shutter door can be mounted on reinforced concrete walls, brick walls or steel frames. The room intended for the installation of the door should be completely finished. The walls should be plastered and show no workmanship errors, the floor should be finished. The room should be dry and free from chemicals harmful to the paint finish. Both the side walls, the front wall and the lintel of the door mounting opening must be vertical and perpendicular to the floor.

Roller garage door in a detached garage

How to install a roller garage door?

Installation order

Now that you know the purpose of the roller garage door and how the garage room should be prepared for the installation of the door, you can proceed with the installation. Below you can find the sequence of actions during the installation.

  1. Before installation, check (compare) the door dimensions with the dimensions of the opening.
  2. Then drill the mounting holes in the tracks. Once all holes have been drilled, the brush seal must be installed. Also remember to clean the guides of any chips left after drilling.
  3. Mark the location of the mounting holes in the frame, drill the holes, fit the mounting dowels and insert the screws - without tightening them.
  4. Fit the door frame into the tracks.
  5. Place the door on the wall, mark out the location of the mounting holes in the wall (for the tracks)
  6. Drill the mounting holes for the guides in the wall and insert the plugs in the drilled holes.
  7. Fasten the guides to the wall.
  8. Unscrew the door curtain cover.
  9. Fit the manual opening crank and fully extend the door curtain.
  10. Fit mounting brackets.
  11. Tighten fastening screws of tracks.
  12. Bend the mounting brackets.
  13. Align the hangers with the holes on the shaft and fasten to the shaft.
  14. Screw on the door curtain cover.
  15. Connect electrical devices (if any).
  16. Connect the safety edge strip.
  17. Connect the brake to the control device.

As mentioned earlier, this text is not a professional instruction manual for the installation of a roller shutter garage door, but a hint on how the installation process of such a door works.

You can find exact and detailed instructions for the installation of a roller garage door here:


Wiśniowski roller garage door in a detached house

Errors in roller garage door installation

There is a danger that avoidable mistakes may be made when installing the door. However, special care should be taken to ensure that:

  • the door curtain tracks and the door frame are correctly fitted, 
  • the door curtain is in an even plane when closed,
  • the profiles must not display any deformation,
  • adjust the limit switches correctly, correctly install the brush seal and the sliders to the lintel,
  • correctly adjust and fit the buffers in the running consoles.

Failure to comply with the above-mentioned basic recommendations may result in difficulties in the correct operation of the door or even damage to the door.

In short

Only correct installation of the roller garage door and maintenance in accordance with the instructions can ensure safe and correct operation as intended. Installation and adjustment must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. Only the original fasteners supplied with the door should be used to install the door.

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