timber-aluminium windows

Durability and elegance in timber-aluminium windows

blog | 07.03.2023

Timber-Aluminium windows are made by combining fine timber with durable aluminium.  This combination results in an extremely durable joinery with a strong, modern look, giving the interior a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Wood-aluminium windows are an exclusive product that will satisfy even the most demanding customers thanks to its functional qualities, robust construction and unique aesthetics.

Timber-aluminium windows - long-lasting and elegant

Timber-aluminium windows are chosen by those looking for solutions which combine the resistance of aluminium with the beauty of timber. This is because they consist of a timber frame structure combined with an aluminium overlay to protect the sash from the outside.

Timber-aluminium windows are highly durable and weatherproof, with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. They can help reduce energy bills while giving uninvited guests a tough challenge.

The inside of a timber and aluminium window.

Timber-aluminium windows - unique, modern design

Timber-aluminium windows are modern and unusual in themselves. In addition, if you choose this solution, we can paint both the outer and inner frames in any available colour.

See what colours you can paint your timber and aluminium windows:

Timber windows colour range

Aliplast Colours

Wood-aluminium windows are unique and stylish due to the wide range of design possibilities and the high quality of the combination of carefully selected timber and aluminium profiles.

Wooden aluminium windows from the Aikon Distribution range

Timber-aluminium windows also mean security

For people who want to achieve a sense of security and peace in their homes, timber-aluminium windows are the ideal solution. As already mentioned, timber-aluminium windows are very durable and resistant to adverse external factors and mechanical damage. In addition, they can be equipped with safety or anti-burglary glass, anti-burglary fittings and a handle with a key. This makes them an effective barrier against burglars.

Timber-aluminium windows - trust the best on the market

The range of timber-aluminium windows from Aikon Distribution is a guarantee of excellent properties and technical performance, combined with quality and high precision manufacturing. It is a proposal for those who appreciate the warmth and charm of timber frames indoors, combined with the durability and excellent thermal insulation of aluminium outdoors.

We offer tailor-made solutions and a wide range of colours and types of finishes. 
All these features make timber-aluminium windows a popular choice among our customers.

Have a look at our range of timber-aluminium windows:


Please contact our sales representatives if you are interested in purchasing timber-aluminium windows.


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