knocker on the front door
knocker on the front door


Additions and accessories

Front doors infill accessories are are made of the highest quality materials  with careful attention paid to every finishing detail added  during manufacturing process.  

Available accessories:

  • Peephole viewer- classical door peephole, available in four colors: gold, chrome, brown, white. Montage is determined before the production of doors. The distance from the bottom edge of the door must be set.

  • Knocker – wide choice of classical and modern knockers made out of the varnished brass. The colours includes gold, brown and satinato.

  • Letterbox - available in four colours: gold, silver, brown, white.

  • Obscure and decorative glass – we offer wide selection of high quality obscure and decorative glass. Stylistic variety including geometric patterns, motives inspired by nature, classical adornments and minimalist forms guarantees wide choice adequate to different architectural styles and individual requirements.

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