Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Exterior, integrated roller shutters

Exterior roller shutters equipped with innovative solutions are designed for older and newly-created buildings. Inspection hatch, frontal or bottom, which enables roller shutter maintenance, is opened towards the inside of an apartment.

Custom sized roller shutters

Roller shutters in Revo system are adjusted to various windows sizes. Maximal size of the Alukon M 328 curtain is 5.8 m2. In case of the Alukon MY 442 curtain application, the limit size rises to 8.5 m2. 

The roller shutter can be easy assembled

Owing to the previous integration of the roller shutter with a window frame, “monoblock” (roller shutter + window) allows quick and easy fitting. Additionally, we offer a set consisting of the roller shutter and a white multipurpose PVC adapter.

Different covering possibilities

Revo system allows complete or partial roller shutter covering. Frontal box profile can be used reversible. Grooved surface eases the development, whereas on a flat surface the box looks just as well as without development.

Exterior roller shutters with insect screen

Revo roller shutters can be integrated with the insect screen through spring-loaded mechanics of screen with a brake. Grey-colored screen places itself on the internal side of the curtain. Kit includes double roller shutter and net’s guides with brushes.

REVOlutionary technology

The innovative character of VEGAS REVO systems is a result of a production process, during which a great pressure is put on constant development and improvement of a product. Roller shutters are created from the highest quality PVC accompanied by ecological, lead-free stabilizer.

Download the technical drawings:

Roller shutter type integrated
Inspection cover front or bottom of the box
Box Straight shape 90°, pvc
Box: width x height (mm) 240x165, 240x205
Box with insect screenwidth x height (mm) 240x205
Curtain Alukon
Guide pvc, alu
Insect screen optional: interior curtain side
Due date from 2 weeks
Curtain coloring Alukon colors
Box and guides coloring Revo, RAL colors (for alu guides)
Maximum  depth of window’s frame 99 mm
Certificate CE


Roller shutter curtains

Control systems

  • Roller shutters with manual control system: mini belt roller, white or brown, is available as a standard.
  • Electric Roller Shutters     SEE MORE
  • Somfy IO Electric Roller Shutters    SEE MORE

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