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Important! Please note our offer is for glass balustrade units only. We do not supply glass balustrade fixing brackets or profiles applied for assembly and fitting.

Glass balustrade for balcony

Glass balustrades are both state-of-the-art and timeless solution, increasingly popular in apartments, houses and commercial buildings. Glass balustrades are a good choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. They match well with any timber, stainless steel and aluminium building elements adding an outstanding decor to designed architectural space.

Glass balustrade panels

Glass balustrades are typically made as double safety glass units - VSG-ESG glass combination with two panes of tempered glass laminated together to create a high quality glass product.

PVB Laminate foil for architectural glazing

PVB foil is a durable and elastic layer dedicated for use in areas where increased rigidity between glass panes is required. PVB foil is often used to make glass structures for applications such as balconies, floors, balustrades, and stair steps.

Safety glass balustrade

Despite their delicate form, glass balustrades are exceptionally resistant to weather and mechanical damage. PVB supported ESG glass units offer outstanding safety when cracked or broken as the units do not fall into small glass pieces as they are held together by applied laminate PVB foil.

Decorative glass

The range of our decorative glass products will enable you to make a freely custom design for your interiors. You are also free to choose from a wide range of available patterns that will perfectly match style of your project, either traditional or modern.

Decorative glass panes for glass balustrades ►  MORE

Watch the video to see the strength of tempered glass!

Szklane balustrady

Download the technical drawings:

Glass balustrades: 10mm/PVB standard/10mm

Light transmittance (TL%) 85%
Permeability of solar energy (g) 0,71
Shading coefficient 0,82
Permeability of thermal energy Ug: 5,1 W/m².K
Nominal thickness 21,5 mm
Weight  52 kg/m²
Permeability of colour (Ra) 96,7
Reflection of colour (Ra) 96.5
Simulated acoustic characteristics  Rw(C;Ctr) = 40(-1;-3) dB


Maximum dimensions of one glazing unit – standard

Glass thickness (mm) 33.1 - 1515.4
Minimum dimensions (mm) 400x400
Maximum dimensions (mm) 2500x4400
Maximum weight (kg) 400


Made to measure glass balustrades

Choose any glass dimensions for your project. Let us know what type of glass, glass thickness and safety foil arrangement you need. With wide range of available choices we will supply exact glass product your project requires. We are happy to process any custom orders.


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