Innovative GENEO MD system is the leader in the field of energy efficiency. The profile core is made of an extremely durable RAU-FIPRO material supported by fiberglass. Additionally the external layer is coated with high quality RAU-uPVC material.

Energy-efficient windows for passive buildings

Geneo MD system represents unique energy-saving windows technology. Its 3mm thick profile walls allow Geneo MD to be classified as an A class window. A warm, 6-chamber, 86-mm deep profile is made of RAU-FIPRO material and is equipped with  triple EPDM rubber sealing. This innovative material containing fiberglass offers very good static qualities and is resistant to deformation. RAU-FIPRO profiles do not require steel reinforcements to be used. Steel sections were reasons for occurrence of thermal bridges. Elimination of the steel reinforcements has allowed reduction of the heat transfer coefficient to Uf=0,91 w/m2*K.  Additionally increased glazing surface of the profile ensures optimal room illumination.

Replacing old windows with Geneo MD - up to 76% energy saving

REHAU studies have shown that using Geneo MD windows you can reduce energy consumption up to 76%. The figures have been achieved by studying heat loss for referential window with dimensions of 1230x1480 and comparing the results of an old wooden window of heat transfer coefficient Uf=1,9 W/m2*K with the modern Geneo MD window.

Stylish and functional windows

Rich palette of colours and wide choice of additional profiles ensures this tripled-glazed window is easily customizable to individual requirements or installation and architectural needs.

Solidity and security

Galvanized steel reinforcements of 1.5-2 mm thickness provide excellent statics of the windows and protection against burglary. High quality hardware and deep mounting of the glazing unit ensure windows are extremely robust and resistant to mechanical damage and various weather conditions.

Durable and easy-to-maintain windows

REHAU profiles are made of the best quality granulated uPVC which is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Smooth surface of the profile - High Definition Finishing - allows easy maintenance and cleaning. Angled base of the frame rebate is considered as additional advantage of the profile. This allows facilitating water drainage and helps keeping the windows clean.

Windows with arches, triangular windows, trapezoids, circles

The Rehau system allows the making of windows in unusual shapes.  We have experience in the production of windows with arches and triangular, trapezoidal and round windows.

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Download PDF: Doors and Windows Catalogue

Download the technical drawings:

Installation depth  86mm
Number of chambers  6 chambers
Heat transfer coefficient  Uf = 0,91 W/m2*K
Profile class  A
Weather stripping  Triple central with EPDM, grey/black
Available pane fixations thicknesses  24 mm - 52 mm
Standard glazing  4/12Ar/4/12Ar/4 (Rw=32dB, Lt=71%,
Standard handle  Hoppe Secustic
Steel thickness  Rau-Fipro
Dyed profile core for 2s colors  Yes: brown core under the veneer
Warranty  5 years color; 10 years white
Certificates  CE
Order processing time  from 3 weeks


uPVC made-to-measure windows

Our clients can specify dimensions, colours number of sashes and additional profiles. Variety of technical solutions enable production of large dimension windows undertaking the most sophisticated custom orders even when ordering just one window.

Additional parameters

• Window colors    MORE
• Additional profiles and accessories    MORE
• Ornamental window panes  ►  MORE
• Windows with roller shutters    MORE

REHAU - the manufacturer of profiles for uPVC windows

REHAU - the manufacturer of profiles for uPVC windows - logo

In 1948 Helmut Wagner established a family company named Rehau, based in Rahau. The company operating in the area of polymer processing industry produces uPVC window systems based on its own innovative technology solutions. The first branch of the company based outside Europe was opened in 1962 in Montreal, Canada. At present there are 170 factories employing 15000 employees all over the world.

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