Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Front-mounted Aluprof


Front-mounted Aluprof roller shutters

Front-mounted roller shutters are an ideal solution for the already existing buildings. They may be used on almost every façade. A great asset for a costumer is user-friendly maintenance of roller shutter, done on the outer side of the building. Another merit is its high-class resistance to burglary. Roller shutter boxes are fully visible on the façade and may be used as an interesting complementation of architectural project. Aluprof system offers a vast variety of boxes - smart half-rounded, classical, cut at 45 degrees angle and a fanciful box with a 45 degrees angle rounded shape.

Custom sized front-mounted roller shutters

Roller shutters in Aluprof system are adjusted to various windows sizes. Depending on the chosen model, the final size balances between 7,2 and 9,0 m2.

Front-mounted roller shutters with insect screen

Aluprof front-mounted roller shutters are also available with the insect screen.  The grey-colored screen places itself on the internal side of the curtain.

Producer of roller shutters Aluprof

Aluprof S.A. belongs to a leading European producers of aluminum systems for building industry. In the area, of a size close to 80.000 m2, high-tech production lines of profiles and roller shutter boxes and modern, fully-automated line for powder coating are located.

Download the technical drawings:

Roller shutter type front-mounted front-mounted front-mounted
Inspection cover front of the box front of the box front of the box
Box oblique shape 45°, alu half-rounded shape, alu rounded shape 45°, alu
Box: w x h (mm) 137x137, 150x150, 165x165, 180x180, 205x205
Box with insect screen: w x h (mm) 165x165, 180x180, 205x205
Curtain Aluprof Aluprof Aluprof
Guides alu alu alu
Insect screen possible integration possible integration possible integration
Due date from 2 weeks from 2 weeks from 2 weeks
Curtain coloring Aluprof, RAL colors Aluprof, RAL colors Aluprof, RAL colors
Box and guides coloring Aluprof, RAL colors Aluprof, RAL colors Aluprof, RAL colors
Certificate CE CE CE

Roller shutter curtains

Control systems

  • Roller shutters with manual control system: mini belt roller, white or brown, is available as a standard.
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