Window fittings, handles, and locks - invaluable accessories for joinery

  /   21.01.2020

Window fittings, handles, and locks – invaluable accessories for joinery

When choosing windows and doors, homebuyers often focus on their appearance and price, and pay much less attention to accessories that are necessary for proper functioning of the joinery. It’s about accessories which may seem non-crucial at first glance, but on which the actual convenience and safety relies later on. These underestimated knick-knacks include window fittings, locks, and also handles. Why is it important to choose them carefully before purchase?

Window fittings – the heart of every window

Fittings are made of metal and their purpose is to make the window sash move. They make it possible to open and close the window, as well as tilt it and untighten to provide trickle ventilation. Fittings should be selected at the stage of ordering windows. Avoid being cheap when it comes to buying these elements – poor fittings will make it difficult to use the window and may even degrade its tightness. At Aikon Distribution we use only fittings by reputable and proven manufacturers such as ROTO or MACO (find out: Fitting at Aikon Distribution)

The fittings also serve as a protection. The windows can be equipped with anti-burglary catches, which make thieves’ work substantially harder (read the article: “A safe house. Burglar-proof fittings”).

State-of-the-art fittings enable the use of magnetic sensors (reed switches), which communicate that the window has been opened. Reed switches can be powered by wire or operate wirelessly, and are connected to alarm devices.

Handles - not just for decorations

Handles installed in doors and windows contribute both to functionality and appearance. If it were not for them, we would not be able to open and close the joinery. As we do it many times a day, the choice of handles should not be left to chance.

Special attention should be paid to the material of the handle. We recommend PVC and aluminium handles, which are available with a button that locks the window in closed position, or handles locked with a key. It is also advisable to equip windows with a handle-operated opening brake. It makes it possible to lock an opened window sash at any angle with only one movement of the hand (a solution to safely air the room without risking the window being slammed shut by wind). Handles locked with a key or a button are very popular and at the same time safe solutions, as they prevent tampering with the handle from the outside, i.e. opening the window by unauthorised persons.

Of course a number of various door handles are also available on the market – with a full (longitudinal) eschuteon, trim plate, movable and non-movable (knob/grab handle). Most models can be purchased in coloured versions for easy matching to the appearance of the joinery.

The colour of the handle should usually match the window frame. A gold handle is a good match for the popular “golden oak” finish.

Door handles and grab-handles

Locks – a matter of security

Multi-point locks are a state-of-the-art solution that provides front doors with safety and comfort of use. The locking system of a multi-point lock consists of a main bolt located in the central part and auxiliary bolts located at several points of the door leaf. The additional bolts not only make the door more impervious to burglary, but also strengthen its structure and make the leaf better fit the frame.

Aikon Distribution offers multi-point locks in various variants – both classical (mechanical) and modern (electromechanical). Locks integrated with an electric motor make it possible to control the operation of front doors remotely or by means of access systems (intercom, fingerprint reader, wall-mounted keypad etc.).

Electromechanical multi-point locks

Multi-point locks provide doors with increased resistance burglary, but for a truly burglar-proof door has to meet a number of other requirements.

Now it's clear that the quality of doors and windows depends on a lot of factors that homebuyers tend to forget about. Always pay attention to the fittings and only choose those by trusted and proven supplier. Choose locks or handles to match the joinery and accordingly to their characteristics and purpose. Any mistake or omission at this stage may make in cumbersome to use the joinery or even result in its complete replacement.