What roller shutter to choose for your home? Guide of roller shutters.

  /   08.12.2016

     External window covering – roller shutter

     As we want our homes to have as much daylight as possible, we build large windows.  However, it is very often desirable to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters our homes, and this is where a window blind comes in handy. A blind is the most common choice for applications on the outer side of a window.    

     By choosing a blind for an already existing building, one should note that its box, used to store the slats, is visible, i.e. the blind is a front-mounted roller shutter and therefore the shape and colour of the box needs to be considered.    

     Another type of an external blind is a exterior roller shutter, i.e. a blind attached onto the window and installed together with it into the recess. This option is most suitable only when we want to replace all the window joinery, or at the stage of designing the building. Window-mounted blinds do not interfere with the façade, as it gives the opportunity to completely hide the box.

     The third type of an external window covering is a built-in roller shutter that needs to be chosen as early as at the stage of designing the building, as its box is fitted in a special recess in the lintel and thus completely hidden. Flush-mounted blind are considered to be “warmer” than window-mounted ones, and as such are the best option for passive buildings.    

     All types of blinds can be made of PVC or aluminium slates, and can be integrate with a mosquito net.
Manual or electric drives enable seamless and convenient operation of the blinds. By choosing the electric drive, you can have all your blinds open and close at once!

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