The whole truth on Schüco. The most popular Schüco models.

  /   17.02.2020

The whole truth on Schüco

Schüco is the world wide leader in the branch of PVC window systems. The company started their business in 1951 in Germany and expanded in the seventies at various European markets and became the first globally active company of that branch.

What are features of the Schüco windows?

• well-established and recognizable brand;
• high quality of profiles;
• big choice of colours;
• interesting and original design;
• solutions adapted to European markets;
• unique design

The most popular Schüco models

Schüco CT 70 is a modern profile form with high technical parameters. A smart choice of the sash gives the window a light and slender look.
In the Aikon Distribution offer we have two shapes of glazing beads, so we can get different window finishes.

CT 70 Classic - a classic wing line and a simple form meet expectations of people searching for modern solutions (more can be read here).


CT 70 Rondo - the slightly convex sash line optically narrows the profile, thanks to which looks even narrower than it is.

Classic Rondo

What are the features of the Schüco CT 70 model?

• 82 mm wide sash is applied;
• double external sealing made of top quality EPDM rubber;
• double and deeply embedded glass panels;
• low frame increasing the illumination of the interior.

A big variety of colours, a possible choice of smooth and wood imitating veneers as well as a wide range of various details, including the form of the panel strip, give the Schüco CT 70 windows a smart and unique outlook.

Schüco Living PVC window

The main feature of the Schüco Living windows is the simplicity and daily comfort of use.

Thanks to the 7-chamber profile with good thermal insulating properties, the Schüco Living ensure the heat comfort. A real limitation of energy consumption at home means the lowering of heating costs and reduction of the CO2 emission to the atmosphere.

Moreover, to increase the energy efficiency of the windows even more, the glass panel area has been designed to retain the heat energy in a room and to transfer the valuable solar heat (more about energy efficient windows).

What are the features of the Schüco Living?

• an innovative EPDM sealing technology ensuring a perfect acoustic isolation;
• if a triple sealing is used, the Uf value may reach 1,0 W/(m²K);
• number of chambers in the profile: 7;
• triple glazing;

The HST lift and slide system

HST doors are an innovative and practical solution for homes, offices and industrial premises. Profiles are perfect for making large size glazed areas. The door holds a low threshold with additional insulation pads fixed at three places and therefore the owner can enjoy a big comfort of use and separation of the external and the internal thermal sides. This application enables avoiding a thermal bridge at the floor causing heat losses, moisture and mould (read).

What are the features of the HST model?

• large and smart glazing;
• thermal insulation of the threshold;
• an innovative sealing system;
• a big choice of colours.

HST System

Schüco - a German quality

A modern processing technology and high quality materials combine into a German quality of the windows. Due to low heat transfer value of the window frame, the Schüco windows guarantee the heat insulation level and therefore low heating costs. The external window surface is made of the top quality PVC and enables a precise smoothness and resistance against any weather conditions.
A big choice of auxiliary accessories, window sash bars, top quality glass panels and panel strips as well as a possibility of creating various structural forms enable the adjusting of a design to individual customers’ needs.