Safe home for holidays. Anti-theft windows.

  /   09.07.2018

Safe home for holidays. Anti-theft windows.

    The time of holidays is mainly a time of rest and relaxation... not for everyone. While family members leave the walls of their four corners to go on a summer vacation, thieves rubs their hands. The time of holiday trips is perfect for burglaries. Thus we should do everything to make life more difficult for robbers.

Anti-burglary window:  what does it mean?

The term “anti-burglary window” can be a bit confusing, as no windows and doors provides 100% insurmountable barrier. “RC” resistance class defines how the window protects against burglary attempts, implemented by the European standard PN-EN 1627. Burglary resistance classes tell how long a partition resists attacks with specific tools.
Class 1 does not put up any resistance to the burglar. You do not really need any tools to open it, burglary will be based on physical violence (kick, shoulder strike). Class RC2 window gives protection for 3 minutes against the burglar using simple tools, such as a screwdriver or pincers. RC3 class windows have a longer resistance: the intruder will need about 5 minutes to force them, he will have to use a hammer, crowbar, or drill. However, very often before the end of this time, the thief resigns from further attempts of intrusion or someone from the neighbourhood is able to react.

Anti-theft windows.

resignation from burglary

RC1, RC2, RC3 classes are most often associated with occasional burglars, not quite professional, equipped with simple tools. Time and noise are here of great importance. After certain limits, the thief resigns from further forcing of obstacles. Higher classes are intended to

Kwithstand attack methods with powerful tools, by well prepared and experienced burglars, who have a plan of action and do not give up under the influence of passing minutes. RC4 to RC6 classes are used in buildings with an increased risk of burglary.

How is the anti-theft window built?

      The basic elements are as in standard windows. However, special fittings are necessary, anti-burglary windows and door handles that are secured against unauthorised opening.

Anti-theft fittings

     The penetration of the window is usually achieved by outbalancing, which is why the hardware that protects against breaking the sash from the frame is so important. The correct fitting mechanism should include the so-called mushroom bolts, which – when closed – lock in the hooks on the frame

  RC1   RC2

                     RC1                                                 RC2

number of mushroom bolts dependent on type of window construction and dimensions

Anti-burglary glass

With anti-burglary glass, breaking is a real challenge. Anti-burglary window glass units, just like the whole windows, are divided into classes (based on the difficulty of breaking). The detailed discussion is presented in the article: Safety first – safety glazing.
All elements of the anti-burglary window should meet the requirements of the PN-EN 1627 standard. Apart from hardware, glass, and locks, the following are also important: the material of the window, and window method of fitting.

Anti-burglary windows alone do not ensure the safety of the house and belongings during the summer holidays. You should also think about the right entrance door (we recommend the article on Anti-burglary door –everything you need to know!), a good garage door, and external blinds. The alarm and kind neighbours will also be a good idea.