Large glazing - windows in modern buildings

  /   25.03.2020

Large glazing - windows in modern buildings

Panoramic, large glazing has become a popular solution chosen by many for both modern and luxurious buildings, as well as for traditional architecture. More and more often, glass walls are found in restaurants, hotels or shopping mall buildings. Glass versatility and timeless feel offer modern buildings with many design options.

Large glazing

Large glazing gives impressions of spacious room

When choosing this type of windows, developers, investors and individual clients take various benefits into account, with the visual enlargement of the premises being one of more popular among them. It is the large area of glazing that provides the apartment with an appearance of being bigger and, above all, brighter. With the Ultraglide corner sliding door you will be able to free up even more space to make the interior look lighter and bigger.

Energy-saving sliding doors

As large glazing must not facilitate the loss of heat from the room, a number of key aspects must be considered:

  • the heat transfer coefficient (the lower the coefficient, the lower the heat loss); Aluplast HST sliding door is a very good example of this – with dimensions of 3000x2000, triple glazing and warm edge spacer bar bring the heat transfer coefficient down to Uw = 0.93 W/m2*K
  • glass pane thickness – 4 mm is the most commonly used size, combined with a 16mm spacer bar. With these values, the maximum glass surface area is 2.4 m², while with a glass pane thickness of 6 mm, the total area of glazing can reach up to 6m².

Upon designing, pay attention to have large glazing face the South. South facing houses are much brighter and get much more sunlight.

What makes these windows very comfortable in winter can prove to be a nuisance in the summer, so it is a very advisable to prevent excessive build-up of heat in a room by using external blinds, which prevent sunlight from getting into the room in the summer (learn more on our blog –  Roller shutters or external Venetian binds  – which option should I choose?).

Sliding door opening hardware options

Consider carefully what opening hardware option to choose. Slide and lift-slide doors are among most popular options (see our post – For the terrace and the balcony – terrace doors). As they do not take up additional space when opened, doors of this type enable various arrangements of the room interior.

Fixed windows are most often used in commercial buildings allowing large to be applied. Choosing slim profile windows will further increase amount of light in the room.

Fixed windows

Costs of large glazing

The advantages of large glazing are numerous – from appearance, timeless feel and uniqueness, to energy savings, providing more light and visual enlargement of the room.

While large glazing is more expensive than traditional windows, the impression they provide make them definitely worth their price. It is also worth bearing in mind that for a slightly higher price you can also enjoy the following:

  • very strong good quality profiles;
  • glazing units with high parameters;
  • fittings that enable comfortable windows use, which weight often exceeds several hundred kilograms.

Large glazing has won the hearts of investors and architects, as it combines timeless design, modern look, and functionality. Aikon Distribution offer includes products that will be a perfect match for custom designs (including energy-saving windows and doors) as well as commercial projects as the best quality of used materials enable our products to meet most requirements of today’s innovative architecture.

Safety of large glazing

When choosing large windows take safety into account, where we strongly recommend using tempered glass. Laminated glass could also be an options where special laminate foil prevents a broken pane from bursting into little pieces (learn more about tempered glass in Safety first – safe glass panes and on our YouTube channel, where we test tempered glass panes).

Glass breaking test - Watch the movie