External Venetian blinds: intelligent external screening system

  /   24.04.2017

External Venetian blinds: intelligent external screening system

     Due to their lightweight structure external Venetian blinds are modern type of external facade screening applied for large glazed facade surfaces, large windows, patio doors, French doors, sliding doors. External blinds are successfully applied for both private and commercial projects.

    “Glass walls” are very appealing although they happen to carry some concerns under certain circumstances such as extensive solar radiation affecting working conditions and daily life (computer screens reflection, heating up rooms).

Those are possible to be significantly reduced through application of external screening with automated features such closing or opening, depending on atmospheric conditions. This innovation is offered in the façade shutters offered by Aikon Distribution (watch the film and learn the principle of their operation). 

     External Venetian blinds consist of aluminium, angle adjustable slats for more effective solar control. C shape slats (65 or 80mm width) can be turned 180 degrees for even greater control. S and Z shape slats are equipped with edge seal allowing for more accurate light blocking.

     Slats move along steal cord or rail guides and could be controlled manually or electrically. We highly recommend automated control as such application will allow to control all fitted external blinds with one control unit (wall switch, remote control, PC, tablet or smartphone). Automated control system could be also supported by auto weather detection that is based on set of weather sensors allowing external blinds to react to intensity of sunlight or wind (this prevents accidental blinds damage in case of strong wind).

     External Venetian blinds – smart application widely known within building industry. Wide range of colours, slat shapes and automated control system allow modern and appealing building facade design. Find out more about Aikon Distribution external Venetian blinds: external venetian blinds

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