Enter the garage - review of garage doors

  /   20.02.2017

Enter the garage, or a review of garage doors

     We drive into the garage up to several times a day, and we often use the garage as a locker area for household or seasonal equipment. The garage door should thus be comfortable in use and durable, matching the building and the surroundings. Several doors are available at this time, and the most often chosen are: roller, sectional or up and over.

What is the difference between them? How do they work? Which one is best?

ROLLER DOOR is similar in operation to the external shutter blind; it is made of narrow profiles (whose number depends on their height and the height of the door) rolled onto the box-mounted roller when opened. This option saves space not only in the garage but also under the ceiling, where additional equipment may be stored (e.g. roof luggage racks, skis, surfboards). When the roller door is chosen, no additional space is needed in front of the garage, which is the case of the UP AND OVER doorTo fully and safely open  up and over door, additional space must be secured in the driveway (optimally up to 1 m). It is made of one rigid wing lifted upwards (with a drive unit or manually) on the guides installed along the reveals and under the ceiling. However, the tilted door imposes some spatial limitations, as the door needs some space for itself. Apart from the width and height of the access road, the distance between the upper edge of the opening and the ceiling and the distance of the side edges of the opening to the walls must be considered. In these places the guides are installed, so with limited space it is best to install the door, e.g., in the clear of the entrance opening.

     SECTIONAL DOOR is most often chosen, offered in the widths from 2 m to 5.5 m and up to 3 m high. It is made of sections which first move vertically upwards, and then horizontally along the ceiling. The sections (connected with hinges) move with rollers in the guides. The door is installed behind the opening, so no additional space is needed to open it, and parking is comfortable in front of the garage or you can enter the garage directly from the street.

     The doors may be opened and locked with automatic control systems or manually. The power-driven door may be opened with a remote, without the necessity to leave the car. Moreover, most of the doors are fitted with additional security measures, e.g. photocells, and protection against overload (when an obstacle is met, the sliding wall is stopped and switched back to opening). The garage door may be easily integrated with additional doors, which will certainly increase comfort of use. With sufficient space, a side door may be used independently of the garage door, but matching in style.

     The present day technologies and possibilities of producers allow to design the doors of various shapes and patterns and made off permanent and durable materials – learn the details of garage doors offered in Aikon Distribution: garage doors.