Draughty windows. How can this be remedied?

  /   01.03.2019

Draughty windows. How can this be remedied?

In the next few months windows will be particularly exposed to unfavorable weather conditions, it is worth checking the tightness of the windows before it gets really frosty.

   Up to 30% of the heat can escape through draughty windows, which is associated with extra heating of the room and thus with paying larger heating bills, so we decided to describe some tips on how to seal windows.

Reason for window leakage

There are several reasons for a window draughty; incorrect installation, worn seals, gaps between the glass and the frame, improper adjustment of fittings or their wear and tear.

In addition, temperature changes associated with different seasons cause the material the window is made of to expand and shrink, thus the window can also lose its tightness (the sash separates from the frame).

How to improve window tighness? 

There are many ways to improve window tigjness, everything depends on where the leak is located. In some cases it may only be that the window hardware is set to the summer mode (modern windows). Summer mode makes ventilation easier, but in winter it causes heat to escape from the room.

It is enough to adjust such a window with an Allen key - we change to winter mode which presses the sash against the frame. After changing the setting you will get the impression that the handle operates harder.

Window PCV hardware

Window PCV hardware

Minor draught can be eliminated with clear silicone, renoving quickly, for example, a gap between the sash and the window.

Wooden windows can be sealed with silicone glazing sealant or all-purpose silicone, but in order to repair plastic windows we first have to make sure that the product we choose binds with PVC.

It is best to use foam for gaps between a wall and the window. Window sealing foam is flexible, resistant to mechanical damage and mold.

Due to the specificity of the material, i.e. volume expansion, the foam is used only to seal the gaps between the window and a wall. If the foan sealing  is madeon the outside, the foam should be protected against UV radiation. Affects its insulating properties.

Improve windows

Improve windows

Sealing sponges, sealing strips or self-adhesive seals are also a good solution. All these products are easily accessible and there is no need for professionals to use them, just follow the manufacturer's instructions. 

Each time remember about the rule – before reparing the window, no matter what product you are going to use, clean the surface well from dirt and dust.

You should not ignore draughty windows, even small gaps can significantly reduce temperature in the room. When choosing a seal, remember to get to know
the product specification. Check whether the product is moisture-resistant, suitable for outdoor use and for which material it can be used.

By following these recommendations, we can rest assured that the heat will not escape from the room. In addition, regular service and maintenance of the windows, i.e. frequent cleaning of frames, control of seals and lubrication of fittings will help to extend their service life.