Corner windows - even up to 30% more light

  /   19.07.2019

Corner windows - even up to 30% more light

Corner windows are more and more frequently met in the modern designs. They guarantee a perfect exposition the solar light: 2% to 30 % more light than in case of traditional windows falls into the inside of a room. Corner windows must be well planned during early stage of house designing since they require tailor made solutions related e.g. to ceiling reinforcement or lintel preparation.

Corner windows - advantages

Corner windows can visually expand the room and make an effect of opening the house to the garden or the terrace. They are perfectly proven where a good daily illumination is wanted: like in a drawing room or a study. They enable an additional sunlight illumination, so is the sunlight not only stronger but also can be enjoyed longer.

A corner window

A corner window

Types of corner windows

Let’s explain the structure of a corner window: one of two options can be chosen: a window with or without a corner mullion. The first option is chosen more frequently due to lower price, stronger structure (important in case of houses exposed to strong wind load or rainstorms) as well as to better heat insulation parameters. While a window without mullion is an aesthetic masterpiece and no wonder that many people dream of such a facade component of their house.

A corner window with a mullion in frame colour is really more versatile since the glasses can be aligned not only at 90° angle but also >90° in bay systems looking very impressive and enabling an interesting arrangement of the bay space.

As far as a corner window without a mullion is concerned, such a structure is mostly preferred by owners of very modern houses distinguishing by a minimalistic architecture and a very large glazed area.

Instead of a mullion, glass panels are joined with special UV-resistant glue and sealed with silicone putty. Here glass panels of about 6 mm thickness must be applied, the outer ones are made of toughened glass (they will be exposed to strong thermal and mechanical impacts) and are a little longer– they are placed on a side of another panel package. Such a corner joint ist called the step.

Corner windows - opening

Corner windows can by opened in many ways. Depending on the wishes and sizes they can be of turn, tilt, tilt and turn, reversible and even slide types– the latter is frequently applied in case of structures without mullion. A cheaper option, even up to 40 %, will be a non-openable window called fixed with better thermal parameters than openable versions.

Advice! A good idea is to make one big fixed window and one smaller with a movable sash.

A fixed corner window

A fixed corner window

Is a corner window durable?

The guarantee for safe and long term use of corner windows is not mainly down to the material the window is made of (it can be made of PVC, wood or aluminium) but matching the system to constructional requirements and dimensions of glassed areas. A high quality corner window, professionally installed in a well made opening, will be as durable as any other.

Important! In some cases e.g. when the window area is large, an opening must be well designed and reinforced concrete framework must be made as a component of the building structure. Only in that case a correct transmission of loads will be guaranteed.

Structure of a corner window – does it pay off?

Corner windows are an icon of modernity and elegancy, their main advance is surely an ideal additional illumination of inner rooms as well as a wide variety of opening options.

When choosing  corner windows you should be aware of slightly worse thermal parameters of a corner window without a mullion. Although a corner window is more expensive than a standard one, it is surely an investment increasing the market value of the whole house – it is worth to consider this option in a newly built house.