Colorful windows

  /   30.09.2016

White windows? Why not coloured ones instead?

     When considering new windows, we tend to look for white profiles that are a match to anything anywhere. But what if the window matches ”something”, not just “anything”? This is the modus operandi of modern architects and builders – to make door and window joinery not only match the building itself, but also the entire surroundings. And these surroundings – our world – is becoming more and more colourful.

     The palette of thousand colours and shades affects us, evoking new ideas and promoting creativity. The manufacturers of window profiles are also prone to such inspirations, and thus are constantly expanding their offers in terms of colours, adding new and surprising options. Today's window does not have to be white, or brown, or black – it can be diamond-blue, red, beige or even khaki.

So let's find out more about the colours available in the Aikon Distribution offer: colored PVC window veneers