Additional profiles and accessories


We use high quality hardware from renowned companies: Maco and Roto. Latches with integrated handles mechanisms are made of high quality materials. Functionality and durability has been confirmed by approvals.

Assembly accessories

Additional accessories allow individual assembly solutions. We offer wide range of trims, angles, couplers and frame extenders.


Rebate vents allow micro-ventilation providing controlled airflow. Fresh air is supplied into the space between a frame and a sash forcing temperature compensation. Warmer air rises to the top and through the specially shaped vent enters the building. At the same time used air is vented out of the building. The use of vents allows smooth room ventilation without a risk of a draft or sudden temperature differences.

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High-quality EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene) is weather-resistant offering effective protection against ozone, water and high temperatures (up to +110 ° C). It also retains elasticity at low temperatures (down to -40 ° C). Sealing units are available in gray and black colour.

Window sills

A window sill is an additional element that increases the functionality and aesthetics of the window. We offer a wide range of internal and external window sills made of uPVC or aluminium. Selected colour foil from the Aluplast palette can be applied. Additionally aluminium window sills can be painted in any shade of RAL colour.

Georgian Bars

Georgian bars are a decorative element that gives windows a unique and elegant look. They perfectly complement classic or rustic style windows. However architects increasingly choose georgian bars while designing facades of modern buildings. We offer a wide range of georgian bars that allow windows to be individually divided into designed quarters. Glued over or mounted inside the glazing unit georgian bars are made of uPVC or aluminum. Wide range of colours includes: white, wood-like foil (for uPVC georgian bars) and selected RAL colours (for aluminum georgian bars). They can also be  manufactures in a shade of gold colour.

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